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Meet the Faces behind Belle Bar Organic

Tianna Bell, Solange Bell, and Annette Bell (The Matriarch) are the Mother + Daughter team, making Belle Bar Organic Black-owned and Woman-owned.

“If they don't give you a seat at the table,
bring a folding chair.”

Shirley Chisholm

So that's what we are doing.

We have always had an obsession with our skin and our hair -- the texture, the beauty, the melanin. Since birth, our mom has shown us the importance of maintaining that beauty and texture, from soaking, scrubbing, applying oil to our scalp, and deep conditioning. These were traditions passed down from her mom and she passed them down to us. We were taught early that our hair and skin types were different, so creating our own all-natural recipes with fresh ingredients worked for us. We were able to customize a regimen that addressed our specific beauty needs, and those regimens created the brand we have now.

What originally started over a few glasses of wine as a customizable DIY hair-care and skincare brand, has grown into a beauty company specialized for Women of Color. Guiding women through their natural hair journey, from the big chop, hair repair, to loving every kink and curl they have, became the goal. As newbies to the beauty industry, we learned quickly how the needs of Black Women were not being met. The representation of healthy, clean beauty products for black hair, especially 4A-4C, were missing from the shelves -- we have since filled that void.

We are the first beauty brand to combine the power of green beauty, natural hair-care, and digital education. Belle Bar Organic is a clean beauty brand that focuses on inclusion, proper representation, and creating all-natural beauty products to replace the toxic products we use every day. Our mission is to become the go-to resource for Women of Color, as they go through their natural hair journey, and we’re going to do this by approaching this journey holistically. Using our 3-pronged system of organic hair-care products, fundamental natural hair-care education, and community support.

Belle Bar Organic started as beauty secrets passed down from Mother to Daughter, and has become our ultimate passion. It’s more than beauty products, it’s a way for us to help Women of Color maintain their beauty, and texture while looking beautiful doing so.

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