Meet Tianna, Solange and Annette Bell AKA Mom. The mother and daughter team behind Belle Bar Organic

Belle Bar’s entire mission is to make women of color believe in the importance of living a life free of toxins, harmful chemicals, and inorganic ingredients, especially in our beauty products.
Being in the thick of the green beauty movement, we realized that there wasn’t a whole lot of space for women of color. So we created a space ourselves.

Have you ever said….

  • I want to go natural but i don’t know how to start?
  • I want to know what my hair needs when.
  • My skin is so dry...
  • How do I figure out how often to moisturize?
  • How do I create a haircare regimen that works?
  • I would love a step by step guide for wash
  • Why do I keep breaking out?
  • How do I brighten my skin naturally?
  • I hate my hair
  • I don’t know what to do anymore

Then Belle Bar Organic is for you.

We offer the products, education and community support to help guide you through the process of returning all-natural.

We have always had an obsession with our skin & hair.  Since birth our mom has taught us to soak, scrub, oil & deep condition. Traditions passed down from her mom. All of our skin and hair types are really different, so creating our own all-natural recipes with fresh ingredients really worked for us, because we could then customize a beauty product that addressed our specific beauty ailments. 
One night over glasses of wine on the living room carpet, we were hit with some inspiration. What if we built a beauty brand that helps you customize your own beauty products easily as well as educate you on how to craft an all-natural beauty regimen. After talking about it for a few weeks, doing some research and finding there weren't any other natural beauty brands focusing on products and education for women of color, Belle Bar Organic was born.
Belle Bar has become our ultimate passion and our whole lives. It has become so much more than just beauty products. It has become a way for us to help women of color take care of themselves in a safe way as well as increase their self-esteem.