Heres a small bit of the way I incorporate Belle Bar into my routines.
Bollywood - My everyday go-to product. One teaspoon of Bollywood mixed with a palm full of water. I only use one teaspoon because too much of this particular product may take time to clean off, due to the charcoal. I leave on Bollywood for 15- 30mins, sometimes 45 mins. Now when it’s time to wipe the product off I use a wet warm rag, then apply a pinch of vitamin E oil to my face. 

Serengeti - I call this the glow factor. Take a teaspoon of the product and simply add a palm full of water to the bowl. I am obsessed with Aloe Vera and Honey, so I like to apply a little bit to the concoction. I apply the product to my face and leave it for 30-45mins. Same as Bollywood, wipe off this product using a wet warm rag then apply a pinch of Vitamin E oil. 

Wakiki - I mix 3 teaspoons of Wakiki with my conditioner, add two tablespoons of water & aloe to the mixture. The aloe is great for curl definition. My final result is watery. I like my end result to be watery only because it’s easier for the product to go through my hair. Since my issue is usually with my ends and restoring the curls I apply from the bottom going up. I leave the product in for 1hour. When it’s time to rinse, part my hair in sections and use warm water to rinse out each section individually. 

Eden - I use Eden for both my hair and skin. Before & after I get braids I like to apply the oil to my scalp. I use Eden on my skin as a body oil. Nobody said it can’t be done so why not try it. Since I have dry skin I may have to apply a palmful to my hand to moisturize my body. Although some may think that’s a lot. It’s actually enough for my full body. It keeps my skin moisturized throughout the whole day.
Paris - I usually use this product after a hot shower. I pour a handful of the product into my palm then rub it gently on my skin from my legs going up. Oatmeal in the product leaves the body moisturized after rinsing off the product.
1. What's your favorite way to practice self-care? I practice self-care by keeping a journal. At the beginning of each month, I write 1-5 short-term goals. I purposely chose short-term goals because they’re more realistic and help lead the way for that big goal I would have at the end of the year.
2. Why did you come to work with belle bar? To have a beauty brand that is 100% organic and cares about what you put on your skin is important. We don’t know what toxics are placed in other skin products. They may say one thing but there’s always something else. We try the products ourselves which I think is important, we can relate to our customers on a real level. I came to work with Belle Bar for two reasons; I believe in the brand/ vision and when I needed a job they took me in & taught me everything I needed to know.
3.  Who is your beauty muse? Model; Sira Kante is my beauty muse. I choose her in particular because of her dark rich complexion as well her face never changes in a photograph. She always has this natural look. Nothing too heavy on her face. Her face is always glowing & looks light. Her Instagram is @sirakanteoffical
4. Your favorite hair/ skin care tip - My favorite hair & skin tip is consistency I learned that the more you use a product the more you see the actual results. This goes for both hair and skin
5. Whats your guilty pleasure? My guilty pleasure is eating Häagen Dazs Dulce de Leche Ice-cream on a Monday night while watching VH1 reality tv shows.