Email #1 - Set Intentions

Intentions are all about what we plan to put into our practice. Goals and outcomes are all about defining what we want the end result to be. Today we are setting intentions because while we can’t always control the outcome of our actions, we can choose how we intend to spend our time and direct our energy during our natural hair journey. Today we will set some intentions for our learning in this mini-course and our natural hair journey over the next few months. Intention statements are most effective when we remind ourselves of the why behind the intention. Consider formatting your intention statement like this:

"I intend to ____________ because ____________." 

Below are some examples of intentions to get you thinking:

  • I intend to pause and make time daily to think about my hair and practice hair care because I know it will make me more confident in work and relationships.
  • I intend to read the emails and practice the haircare skills on Tuesday and Thursday evenings while my partner is looking after the kids because solo time for self-care is important for me to recharge so that I can be the mother I want to be.
  • I intend to share my natural hair care journey and learnings with my high school students this week because I know that seeing women of color embrace their natural hair will give them positive role models and examples.
  • I intend to make ten minutes for hair care each day, put on some music, and go for a walk outside to show off new confidence because I want the world to know that I’m proud of my natural hair.


Take a minute to begin thinking about and drafting your intentions for the week. We recommend starting with one, but recommend no more than two. Write a few down on some paper or in a digital notebook somewhere. Have you joined our Community yet? Please feel free to share your intentions with our community and learn about the intentions of others.

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