Email #5 -During the week moisture regimen

LOC and LCO to match Porosity

As you prepare for weekly maintenance let's review the LOC and LCO methods to ensure that you're choosing the regimen that matches your porosity.

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LOC and LCO are two methods of moisturizing the hair that help keep moisture locked into place. They’re also an easy guide to remembering the steps of applying your hair products. The two methods are meant to maximize moisture retention after washing the hair, which can be very drying for some of us. Isn’t it so nice that someone was able to come up with not one, but two, ways for curly heads to moisturize their hair?? The jury, however, is still out on which one is “better.”


Best for high porosity hair


Best for low porosity hair

LOC stands for Liquid-Oil-Cream. The LOC method is very popular amongst the curly-haired crowd and will probably always be the first result that pops up when you Google “how to moisturize curly hair.” This order works best for high porosity types because the oil in the second step is able to penetrate the hair deeply, while the cream seals everything into place.

LCO stands for Liquid-Cream-Oil. The LCO method is said to work much better on low porosity hair types because it won’t weigh down the hair as much as the LOC method can.

Everyone’s hair is different and everyone’s hair is going to react to products differently. Test out both and see which one works best on your hair! You might be surprised!


Moisturizing and sealing should happen every other night or every three days. Start off with every other night the first week and if you feel your hair has product build-up, scale back to every three nights. Follow the directions below depending on your plan for moisture.

The Belle Bar Organic Hair Ritual #5 - During The Week Nightly Maintenance

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