Flawless Skin

brightens skin,  fades scars & blemishes, reduce hyperpigmentation, reduce uv damage, improves skin texture

Brightening body scrubs are great for removing all those dark marks, scars and blemishes we collect over the years
An active childhood can wreak havoc on your skin. Dark knees and elbows from all the kneeling and crawling. Scars from untreated body acne and ingrown hairs. Scars from all the tumbles and falls. Scars from old chicken marks and mosquito bites. However precious those years and the ones more recent we don't need the memories on our skin. If you can commit to it, flawless skin from head to toe is possible. 
For getting and maintaining flawless skin
1. Exfoliating weekly
2. Detoxifying the skin
3. Keeping skin hydrated
4. Eating a balanced, nutritious diet
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