Meet Belle Bar Organic

Perks and Benefits

  • Work with Rising Talent

    We are building a team of talented professionals that want to do amazing, cutting edge initiatives in operations, manufacturing, digital marketing, education and e-commerce. One of our core values as a company is continuous self-improvement. If this describes how you like to live your life personally and professionally, you'll fit in well with us.

  • Work with A Mission

    We are the first beauty brand to combine the power of green beauty, natural hair-care, and digital education. Belle Bar Organic is a clean beauty brand that focuses on inclusion, proper representation, and creating all-natural beauty products to replace the toxic products we use every day. Our mission is to become the go-to resource for Women of Color, as they go through their natural hair journey, and we’re going to do this by approaching this journey holistically.

  • Immediate impact

    We are at the inflection point between product-market fit and scale. As we build the processes that allows us to serve a larger community online and off, you can contribute in real time to and have your ideas implemented and brought to fruition. Good ideas can come from everywhere. At Belle Bar Organic everyone's opinions and talent is valued.

  • Test & Learn Attitude

    We don't care about being right, we care about the winning idea. What does that mean? Those in charge are not precious about an idea just because it is theres. We test, we learn, we optimize and we build a better version. In all areas.

  • Future value

    We are operating in two of the fastest growing and evolving markets of e-learning and organic beauty for women of color. We are also continuing to innovate in the community space, communication space and will be broadening into the tech space as well. Join us as we create a one of a kind beauty brand.

  • Flexibility

    For our remote teams you can work from anywhere in the world. We have team members in over five time zones that collaborate on a daily basis. Remote work is one of the waves of the future and something we are very comfortable with and have been doing for years.

  • Grow as We Grow

    We are looking for those who want to be with us for the long term and grow with the company. As we are growing quickly, talent and initiative is rewarded with higher titles, pay and responsibilities. If you are looking for a company where you can build your career and be trusted to take on new initiatives and learn new skills this is a great place for you.

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