Sensitive skin can be one of the most frustrating skin conditions
Sensitive skin is more prone to skin allergies, itching, breakouts and irritation. Sadly beauty products with chemicals can exacerbate the problem. Sensitive skin also reacts badly to direct sunlight and extreme weather conditions.  Sensitive skin is highly reactive and needs to be treated delicately. People with sensitive skin can benefit the most from using products that are ALL NATURAL, ORGANIC and PRESERVATIVE FREE. Our products are free from coloring agents, chemicals and perfumes.
How to take care of sensitive skin
1. Use all natural ingredients
2. Use sunscreen year round
3. Go easy on the make up
4. Don't wash your face with soap, use moisturizing cleanser 
5. Throw out old cosmetics, they can become contaminated
6. Apply moisturizer while skin is still moist
7. Read the ingredients on any product you use. Simple, organic, all-natural ingredients are best.