Heres a small bit of the way I incorporate Belle Bar into my routines.
Oils - In the morning, I wash my face and put on on Eden oil before I put on my makeup. (However, I do not wear makeup every day. Probably about 3x to 4x a week) . I also put a little of my Eden oil mixed with vegetable glycerin on my beauty blender midway through my makeup application and at the end of the makeup application to set my makeup. I also used Eden oil at the end of the day to remove my make up. 
I barely use oil in my hair because my hair is so fine, it gets greasy, oily and limp so quickly. When I am not protective styling which I do most of the time, I wear my hair straightened. I am a big fan of a blown out natural look. But when I do use oil, I use like two drops of avocado oil on my hair for extra shine. When my hair is in braids or twists, I use oil all the time after I mist my hair because I don't have to worry about it going limp on me.
Face masks -  I have to admit it, I have a skin addiction. I pretty much always have had good skin. My skin can be sometimes dry, but I never had to deal with breakouts ( knock on wood). But know that I have gotten a little older I am obsessed with maintaining my skin. I always want to look glowy and dewy. Because of that, I mask about 3 times a week. I alternate between Bollywood, Serengeti and a custom Deep Detox Mask. I want to keep my skin as clear as possible. Sometimes I use Bollywood as a spot treatment as well when I don't have the time or just want to attack a specific spot.
For my face masks mix in I normally use some combination of the following ingredients: aloe vera juice, cinnamon, apple cider vinegar, honey, tomato ( HOLY GRAIL for me for brightening). I really want to start using rice water as well.
 Hair Masks - Since I am pretty much always protective styling, I use hair masks a bit differently. I do my twists and braids myself ( not my own weaves, unfortunately, its way to complicated). So whenever I take my hair out to wash it, I co-wash it, then put a custom hair mask in. I pretty much always use custom hair masks because my hair can be super difficult to maintain the balance between moisture and protein without being greasy after. The above recipe is my favorite of them all and I typically mix it in with one of the following DevaCurl Conditioner, Herbal Essence Hello Hydration or Trader Joes Nourish Spa Balancing Moisturizing Conditioner( you cant get a better deal than this one!). 
So depending on when I wash my hair, I will wear it in a slick back bun all day with the deep conditioner in it ( it dries clear so no one can tell, perfect for if you barely have time to do hair masks). Sometimes I leave the bun in for like two days. Also, the other way that I use it, is that I literally will leave it in my hair when I put in my Marley twists or braids and leave it in my hair until next time I take them out. Radical, I know, but my hair loves it and my scalp doesn't get itchy.  Every time I take my hair out, its super soft and moisturized. When I am wearing my hair straightened, I, of course, rinse out the hair mask after I deep condition ( at a minimum I leave it in for two hours).
Tea Rinses -  I am addicted to tea rinses. It's the easiest thing to use. I use Meadow and the CP tea rinse. I alternate between what I have on hand. When I am protective styling with twists or braids I liberally mist my hair and scalp every day and night. I wore twists and used tea rinses daily for four months over the summer and my fine hair was twice as thick after !!!! When I am wearing a weave, I use it to mist my scalp and mist the hair and braid it at night for waves in the morning. When I am wearing it blown straight, I like to mist my hair before I blow it out.
1. Why did you start Belle Bar? I wanted to create something that I could be proud of. My family has always have had tough times and I just wanted to create something that would be a legacy for my family, bring an end to our struggles. I also wanted to create a vehicle that would allow me to empower others to love themselves and take control of their own lives.
2. Whats your guilty pleasure? I am a Real Housewives addict. I have watched all the seasons and all the episodes. Even the little-known franchises like Melbourne, Austrailia, and Vancouver. I can't lie I get so sucked in and I live for the foolish drama. BTW, my favorite housewives is Erika ( from Beverly Hills), she is FIERCE, AUTHENTIC and a BAD ASS!!
3.  Who is your beauty muse - I have been obsessed with Tracee Elis Ross since she played Joan on Girlfriends in the early 2000's.  I love how she embraces her unique beauty and her gorgeous smile and head of hair. Plus I love that that she doesn't wear too much makeup and you can always see her gorgeous skin.
4. Favorite Quotes -  I am a quote junkie so this is so hard for me to pick just one or two quotes. So don't be surprised if I switch these up from time to time.
"When the real being speaks, nature and the universe responds" - KRS1
"The love I'm seeking is my own "
"If you're not also in the arena getting your ass kicked, I'm not interested in your feedback. Only do'ers get to comment" Brene Brown
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