Heres a small bit of the way I incorporate Belle Bar into my routines.
“Eden” Vitamin Rich Herb & Botanical Infused Oil

This product is absolutely essential to my every night routine. I recommend this product to all the women out there who struggle with dry skin and discoloration… this stuff is the holy grail. I’m a night shower person, so every night after my shower I take about a teaspoon of oil and gently rub around my face, neck, upper chest, and any stubborn dry areas I have such as my hands and knees. This oil is SO hydrating and soothing, immediately after application my skin always feels and looks softer.

Beyond just using this after my shower, I use this oil to help smooth red splotches on my skin that may appear after I exfoliate. I take a little of the Eden Oil and rub it on any rough or sensitive patches, I’m telling you.. this stuff does wonder

Custom Restoring Hair Mask

One of my favorite aspects of Belle bar is the ability to manipulate each product to work for your specific hair type. I customized this hair mask and the results were absolutely amazing, I highly suggest for those who struggle with breakage due to coloring your hair over the years.
Tell us about your beauty and wellness journey, how did you transform passion into this career?

I’ve always been interested in beauty and wellness, even as a little girl I remember getting so excited when my mom would give me an old lipstick or perfume. I was fascinated by spa days and movies when women would have cucumbers over their eyes wearing white spa robes. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that beauty and wellness have way more depth than simply women with porcelain skin and spa days. The beauty industry is fast-paced and filled with creativity. I find I thrive best in an industry with passionate and creative people. I decided to merge my love for beauty and wellness with my love of creativity and found myself in this amazing industry.

Do you have a go-to DIY beauty hack

A DIY beauty hack I’ve been using for years is adding peppermint oil on top of my lip gloss as a natural lip plumper. It actually works and makes your lip gloss have a nice minty smell.

Favorite ingredients for skin and hair?

My two favorite ingredients for skin and hair are easily avocado and honey. Avocado I mix in with my hair masks for moisture, and I use honey in my face masks for smooth, glowing skin.

What's your guilty pleasure?

If we’re being honest here, probably listening to and actually enjoying Nickelback. Did I really just say that out loud?