BBO Mini - Green Tea Length Strengthening Tea Rinse (Growth)

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Introducing our BBO MINI -  Green Tea Length Strengthening Tea Rinse

Single Use Product. Maximum Benefit in Mini Size. 

Treat your hair to a few sips of hydration! Our Green Tea Length Strengthening Tea Rinse is the perfect tonic for hair growth, reduced shedding, and retained moisture. Give your hair a spa-day from the comfort of your own home when you apply our rinse as a refresher to maintain your curls and kinks throughout the week.

Ingredients: Green Tea | boost hair growth, Lavender | balance natural oil production on the scalp, Black Tea | increase  thickness, Calendula | moisturizes and restore strands, Chamomile | natural moisturizer, Comfrey | stimulate hair growth, Sage | shine, Red Clover | stimulate blood flow in the scalp, Hops | reduce hair fall 

So, I see you want the tea on our Green Tea Hair Refresher. I get it, you’re wondering what the hype is all about. You’re wondering if it really does promote hair growth and give a natural healthy shine to your hair. While we can confirm the rumors are true, you are your best expert, so give it a try first hand to witness the benefits – and that’s the tea!

Add the Green Tea Refresher to a spray bottle for easy access whenever you’re in need of tea time. Pinkies up Ladies!

Our Green Tea Hair Refresher was created to treat thin, shedding hair. The benefits found in this tea will not only refresh your curls but stimulate hair growth and soften your texture.

Belle Tip: Steep the tea overnight for maximum benefits, keep refrigerated and be sure to brew a new batch every week. Be sure to use this Tea Refresher gently. No more than 2-3 times a week.


Tea Rinse

1 Application

●Brew your BBO MINI to 8oz water

●When cool pour tea water into a spray bottle, mist curls to refresh

●Brew a new batch of tea water every week

Tip: The tea rinse can be used in three ways: It can be used to mist hair to set braid outs or twist outs. It can be added to a deep conditioning hair mask too for extra strength. And as a curl refresher, spritz 3x a week on scalp and length of hair. 

Tip: Steep tea overnight for added benefits. As a leave-in, it helps reduce breakage. Note: KEEP THE SPRAY BOTTLE IN THE REFRIGERATOR. THERE ARE NO PRESERVATIVES SO THE SHELF LIFE IS VERY SHORT, UP TO 7 DAYS.

Need to Know: If you have low/normal porosity hair, DO NOT use on hair more than 2-3x a week. Tea rinses are very strong and strengthening. Alternate on off nights with plain water or aloe vera juice. Always seal in tea rinse with leave in, oil or butter.

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It’s Time To Love Your Hair!

Wanda Y.

The product has all natural ingredients that is what I like.


I was a little skeptical about how helpfull a tea rinse vs. regular water could possibly be but I loved their oil so much I wanted to atleast give it a try. It's hard to say for sure, because this might be due to the change in seasons from summer to winter, but it does seem like the more i use it the less i need to use it. As in, i use it in a spray bottle to refresh my hair throughout the week, and i used to have to sprits my hair with water multiple times throughout the day and add oil to keep it moisturized over night. But ever since i have been spraying with the green tea rinse i'm down to once every other day and barely use any oil. In addition, I will say, it feels like it has softened the texture of my hair (if that's possible). Like it's not as coarse as it normally is, which may be the secret to it minimizing dryness and shedding. Again this could be because of the change in seasons but pretty sold in continuing to use it anyway.

Juana F.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this product on my 3a/b hair. I prepared the tea and put it into my spritzer for daily use. It helped derange my hair and made it soft and strong. It also helped my scalp from feeling oily. I will definitely keep using it daily!

Kenya S.

I really don't like the smell of this stuff. I smells like old, moldy tea that has sat out for a long time. I even tried adding in Lavender EO after brewing it and it still didn't help the smell. I can't even tell you if this tea is helping with the shedding because I don't use it often.

Karen P.

This tea is a staple in my hair regimen. My hair is stronger and softer at the same time. Shedding has significantly reduced, and I am retaining length.

Tammy B.

The green tea is very strong. I have low porosity hair, so I only use it 2x per week. I use the tea in conjunction with other wonderful hair products made by Bell Bar i.e, hibiscus mask, fenugreek mask, and Moringa & Marula oil.

cassaundra p.

I’ve only used the product for 2 weeks and I’ve noticed an improvement in my scalp. I had a lot of itching and I’ve experienced hair loss. Thus far the scalp itching has been reduced. Looking forward to future use

Jemila A.

The Green Tea Rinse is absolutely amazing. I use it after I rinse out my deep conditioner or mask. I notice when I do not use it, my hair does not have the same shine and strength. More importantly, my scalp doesn't feel as balanced/nourished. This is a wash day staple.

Sandra G.

I love the green tea !! My hair feel strong and thicker!! Thanks Belle Bar !!

Clarissa G.

Seems like I have less shedding. I have fine briitle hair. I'll give it alittle more time

Tarsha N.

I Love This Rinse It's Soothing On My Scalp And Hair

Tarsha N.

Yessss Just Received It And The Smell Of The Herbs Is Wonderful I Just Sprayed The Rinse On My Scalp And Braids It's Definitely Refreshing

Debra G.

Hello I have started the Green Tea recommenced by Curly Proverbz and I like. I am needing to make another batch of it.

Tish D.

I love it! I use thus tea rinse every other day.

Deborah R.

I love it ! My hair us much stronger than it has ever been ! I had a lot of shedding before I used the tea . I am so happy with this product !,

Michelle A.

Love the green tea! Saw less shedding through out the week! And it soothes my scalp

Patricia W.

I purchase this product to strengthen my hair but to my surprise it aid in moisturizing it too. My hair loves it because my ends no longer feels dry and they curl up as I use it as a refresher. I have not found anything like this to make my hair reacts so positive as I am high porosity and water tends to dry my hair out. I have purchased my second bottle so I Would always have an extra one before it is time to order again.

DEborah A.

I have locks and before my locks were really stiff but since I started using your product it has made my lock soft

Maria V.

Love the package and smells great. I’m on a hair journey so going to take awhile for me to see results. Thank you!

Monica L.

My hair felt great after using. I'm able to use it daily to comb and style my hair.

Jada S.

It compares to the Curly Proverbs tea, which has been a staple in my regimen.

Luvisa M.

This green tea is life. I’m low porosity so I only use it about x2 week and the little I use gives my hair great shine n moisture, incredible strength and less shedding and breakage.

Leah M.

I have low porosity, 3c/4a hair. My hair has also began to shed excessively due to hormonal imbalance and medications. This tea is a wonderful way to stop shedding in its tracks, and not overwhelming my hair with proteins. I dilute it a little more than the average person so that I am not getting protein overload and I spray this on my hair and scalp 2-3 times per week. The ingredients are amazing! The first ingredient, being the most unstoppable for hair loss, is Green Tea. And the ingredients get better! I loved this tea so much that I had to order another 3 bottles! I also use this while I’m detangling my hair, and for use with my deep conditioner and heat. I HIGHLY recommend this tea!

Tracy C.

This tea will leave your hair feeling strong and healthy!! After washing I saw a huge difference in terms of shedding. Hair in the sink ALL GONE! I just sprayed the tea in my hair and left it overnight and washed it out in the morning. After washing, soft strong shiny coils. Thanks ladies..

Vivian Arsene A.


Nadine C.

My hair feels so strong.

Toinina W.

The green tea has helped to reduce the hair breakage and easy comb to my hair. The scent is so nice and lovely.

Cushena H.

When first using this product during the nighttime moisturizing challenge I had difficulty working with it on clean hair but after a few tweaks I was able to use and benefit from it without any complications. I noticed way less shedding and little to no tangles. My hair had become so much easier to handle and is now naturally shiny on its own and able to stay moisturized a lot longer than before. Although the challenge ended in November I’ve continued to use the products and this is definitely a staple.

Donna H.

I mixed the green tea in my deep condish and sat under hooded dryer for one hour. When I rinsed my hair was strong and very little shedding


This stuff is awesome for my transitioning hair! A little background on me...I'm about 4 months into my transition. I have 3B-3C hair that's pretty severely heat damaged due to years of blowing drying, flat ironing, keratin treatments, you name it. The top half of my hair's texture is very loose waves while the bottom half of my hair has curls that are a bit tighter, and of course I have maybe 3 inches of my natural texture all over. I really struggle to try to enhance the loose hair and it's hard to try to blend it with my curlier hair. The only thing that has gotten these waves to pop a bit more was a protein treatment, but that's something that you can't do more than once every 6 weeks. Yesterday, I did the green tea rinse with my deep conditioner and I made a second batch to steep overnight so I can refresh my hair in the morning and use it as a leave in. Let me tell you this stuff made my already curly hair pop, and it really enhanced my loose waves! It's a huge struggle to get more definition while transitioning and I'm really happy that I bought this. I'm am beyond happy with the results!

Delores H.

Love the hair green tea rinse make my hair strong and soft. love the product Will buy again.

Mekaela H.

This tea has been game changing! I have 4a/4b hair and I’m low porosity. I was worried about having to refrigerate the tea because my hair needs warmth in order for my hair to absorb the nutrients, but I found a solution! I purchased the Q-Redew and I use the tea with it. That way I am able to steam my hair with the tea and achieve stretch since the steaming acts as a safer way to kind of blow dry the hair. Steaming the tea into my hair has helped my hair get all the benefits of the tea as a tea! Lol my hair is so much shinier, healthier and nourished. If anyone knows LA tap water, me steaming my hair does a thousand more wonders than running it under warm shower will ever do. Regimen: Shampoo, Hibiscus or Chebe mask, rinse with cool water, conditioner, rinse with cool water, Q-Redew with tea, apply leave in and styler. (Also using onion and garlic oil throughout the week)

Momina S.

When would this be back in stock? Please bring it back?

Mildred F.

Using all the products starting with the Chebe mask, onion & garlic oil overnight, black soap shampoo, hibiscus mask with Tressame conditioner and topping it off with the green tea, my hair felt stronger with very little shedding of hairs. I have tried the other areveyda products like Amla, Shakaikai and many other powders but the Belle Bar products tops the mix of powders that I use.


My hair drank this up! Made my curls just pop up. My hair feels so hydrated and scalp very soothed.

tiffany y.

Smells good and doesn’t way my hair down.

Connie J.

I got the tea in a sample kit about a month ago. I use it with my deep conditioner weekly. I cannot describe the moisture I get from using the tea. It is unbelievable. I have 4? hair. It is low porosity and dry. When I used this tea ONE TIME, with the deep conditioner under a heat cap for 1 hour, my hair was SOOO moisturized and wavy, curlier and so soft. My hair in NOT normally wavy or curly, just frizzy. This tea is amazing.

Rose A.

I can already feel it working. I like the sent and the feel on the scalp

Ashley P.

I have definitely noticed significantly less shedding since using this tea! I will be continuing to use this in my regimen!!

Olivia B.

This tea has helped with shedding immensely! I feel like my hair is definitely stronger. Can't wait to see long term results.

M F.

I'd heard great things about this, works like a dream!

Haze B.

This tea rinse is a staple. For anyone serious about their hair health should definitely get this rinse. I make a batch and use it as a refresher every couple of days along with my DIY Curly Proverbz oil. Of course I also put a teaspoon of the tea into the oil when I’m first mixing it. The benefits are out of this world.

M. N.

I know what what you're thinking... so many 5 stars reviews Must be fake! well honestly, this works wonders!! THAT'S the REAL TEA! actually THIS is the Real Tea :D Buy it, Try it, come back and join the five star fam <3

Carlie V.

I love this tea rinse!! I use to make my own tea that I would use to refresh my hair which was strengthening but left my hair dry. This tea is both strengthening and moisturizing! Leaves my hair soft and holds moisture pretty well!

Alexandria B.

This product has helped me with my shedding. I have been using this product for a while know I have noticed that the shedding had diminished. This has become my one of my staple products. I also use it has a refresher in between washes to add a little bit of moisture my hair.

Tramaell M.

This is my first time using a green tea rinse. Instead of using it as the actual rinse I decided to use it as a refresher spray. My hair was extremely dry. I followed it with an oil but my was still overly dry. The next time around I'm going to try using it as a rinse. Hopefully, better luck next time! #hopefulnatural


This is the star of the show If you can only pick one item and have been struggling with breakage, this is it! I went from pretty bad breakage to none at all in one wash, this is no joke. I use as a post-wash rinse because using as a daily leave-in doesn't work for me, but feel free to experiment. Whenever I'm worried about breakage or shedding, I know this will never let me down. It's the real MVP.

Mai P.

Absolutely in Love! I am absolutely in love with hair teas! I've really liked the results I've seen from all the Belle Bar teas I've used so far, and this one is no different. This feels so good on the scalp, especially after deep conditioning, and it leaves my hair feeling strong and moisturized when I spritz in between washes. Highly recommend!


Green Tea I use this tea to set my twist and use as a refresher 3 times during the week followed by my leave in. I have noticed less shedding during my wash day. This is a winner!


Don't hesitate, buy it now! This is the star of the LHDC kit. Every now and then I stop using it because I can't be bothered to make the tea, and then I regret it. This tea is amazing and I will always have it in my routine. I have excess shedding when I don't use it but it really controls it when I'm consistent. My hair has grown so much since I've started the Belle Bar products. This was the first Belle Bar product I purchased. I'm going to make sure to be consistent and watch to see my hair flourish!


Strong hair I applied this tea before adding my leave-in, and I continue to be impressed with the benefits & strength this tea adds to my hair! Thank you, Belle Bar!


Green Tea Rinse I have relaxed hair and was skeptical about trying any of the Belle Bar products because majority of the reviews are from people who do not have relaxed hair. I've watched Farida on YouTube and saw her videos about the tea rinse and decided to make my own blend with ingredients from my local health store. Then I found the tea on Belle Bar and ordered it. My hair is naturally thin density and was breaking really bad due to stress. I only relax my hair every four months and I barely use heat therefore I am not over processed or heat damaged... But stressed. My hair came out in clumps when I washed, conditioned and detangled. When first tried my homemade tea rinse, it left my hair super dry and stiff. I was disappointed. But then I used the Belle Bar tea rinse and had a way better experience. I instantly felt the strength in my hair after I poured the tea in after the wash and before the condition. I was amazed. Through the week I could still feel the strength in my hair. One of my hairs came out while styling and I examined the strand. It looked super strong as I pulled on it to see how it would break. I am extremely pleased with this tea rinse and will never try my own concoction again. Thank you Belle Bar.

Treasure M.

AMAZED! For some reason, my hair has been shedding excessively for the past 2-3 months. Every time I touch it, it’s shedding. At a loss for what to do, I decided to give this tea rinse a try, in combination with the mask treatment (NOTHING has worked prior to this) and LITERALLY, after applying the tea and allowing it to sit, I already felt a difference. The next day I detangled and there was NO SHEDDING! I had a couple strands here & there but there was a major difference from just a day before. I am so amazed! This tea is the truth!

Lisa W.

Amazing! This tea is extremely effective combating hair fall and it smellls incredible! A must have for your hair care routine.


Great oil Have not seen hair growth yet but I believe in the product so I will be using it for a while


The Power of Tea I have been using the tea for perhaps a year. At first, I only used it after a wash. Now, I use it on my ends and scalp, followed by some moisture, such as a leave-in or Marrakesh butter only on the ends. I have fine strands and the tea has strengthened them. It also adds volume which I love. Sometimes I add an essential oil or dilute with aloe juice. What I love about Belle bar is that it allows us to customize our products using high quality ingredients. They even identify the source! I am an avid DIYer, because it's empowering. Great products plus education equals empowerment. Curly and kinky hair are not problems to be solved; they are unique and beautiful traits to be celebrated.

Alexandria B.

I Didn't Know I Needed It Until I Tried It... I first got this as the travel size just to try it out next thing I know I'm ordering the largest size they carry. I have been using this product for a while now and I have seen great results. I have noticed that my hair is much thicker and longer. I don't know if I scalp has grown more follicles or something but I more hair than ever before. I use the tea rinse in-between washes to rehydrate my hair it has really helped by adding moisture and shine. It has helped with the shedding I barely experience any shedding at all.


The truth So I love this tea. It’s moisturizing and strengthening. If I need to retwist my hair in the middle of the week and my hair is dry and crunchy I reaching for this. If I don’t do a protein treatment and I need a refresher when I’m setting my hair for the week I’m reaching for this stuff. I love it! It’s light but moisturizing and it smells great.

Peyton L.

Gave my hair life! So this product is the first I tried with belle bar and it really works. I used it as an everyday leave in as well as a rinse and I have seen great results. When I was transitioning it helped my hair grow while in the inbetween stages where we debate about cutting or keep our hair but it made my daily routine easier. If your always on the go or looking for a tea rinse that stimulate your hair while it helps grow this is the best product and the oil. I am glad I follow both curly proverbz and belle bar. They are nice, authentic and here to help your hair!


Amazing product I have major issues in shedding but on first use of this tea as a rinse and spray I noticed significant reduction in shedding. It is drying if you do not moisturize the hair but this works amazing. I will continue to purchase.

DeAnna P.

Awesome! Awesome product, cannot wait to see the results!

Tamar G.

Hair saver Notice significant reduction in my hair lost not just for myself but for my children as well!!! Hair types from 3C-4C. Love It

Dianne H.

GREEN TEA” TEA RINSE Awesome!!! I can really see a difference in my hair, new growth and all, I’m gonna keep using this tea rinse.

Tamara M

I use this as a hair spray using Curly Proverbz method and I NEVER EVER had hair this incredible soft AAANNNNDDD my breakage, What breakage. This tea adds strength to your hair but when paired w/ moisture you get strong & soft hair. I spray this directly on my scalp, length, and ends and now I’m addicted. This is the secret to waistlength hair right here.

Allison L.

Love London Wonderful product - everything as discribed

Michele L.

Curly proverbs green tea I have yet to use this product because the items purchased came with no written instructions. While I understand that guidance is available online, it is terribly inconvenient when doing your hair to have to watch a video, stop rewind etc to make sure you are getting it right. Probably wnt purchase again due to h9gh price and inconvenience.

Mysha L.

Woooooow I can't believe how much my hair stopped shedding just after one application!


Moisturzing and Strenthening I use this instead of water when styling my Wash and Go s. I spray this, then apply my leave in, and gel. The results have been nothing but steller! I have also noticed I am loosing less hair when I detangle. I highly recommend.

Kathleen H.

Green Tea Rinse Love, love, love it! I feel like my hair is stronger because of this tea! They have put in ingredients that are so beneficial for hair.

Lisa W.

Curly Proverbz Teas Rinse and Henna Mask Farida's products are amazing! When using the products be consistent and and patient, you will see results. When in doubt on how to use or apply her products, locate her channel on YouTube for tutorials.

Ronnicía G.

Love Curly Proverbz and Belle Bar The collabo projects have made my hair and skin flourish. I love the products. No qualms. Blessing to you all.

Shannon J.

Very Strengthening You can immediately feel a difference in you hair when applying this green tea rince. It's so potent that one could almost mistake it as drying the hair out completely but it in fact is strengthening it to the max. :hugging: It's very important to follow up with a deep condition or leave in conditioner depending on your regiment. I absolutely LOVE THIS PRODUCT and my hair is much much stronger. If you have a problem with excess shedding, I highly recommend this rince. Hair Game changer for me!!!!

Nichole J.

5 stars!!!!


Amazing I have been natural for over 10 years...and I have to say, this tea rinse has change the game for me. No more excessive shedding and my hair is shinny and feels thicker. I have repurchased this tea rinse 3 times already and will remain my staple hair rinse! Love this stuff and thank you Belle Bar and Curlyproverbz!

Carlaina R.

Great addition to my weekly wash routine. I've been subscribed to Curly Proverbz's YouTube channel for quite some time now and even made her fenugreek oil on my own. I just didn't want to go out and find all the ingredients for the green tea rinse. I'm so happy I was able to purchase it from Belle Bar. Buying it already made takes the guess work out of it and you know the ingredients are high quality. I use it almost every time I wash my hair unless I'm doing a protein treatment or henna treatment and I love it. I also use it to refresh my hair when i do my two strand twists or braid out styles. I noticed that my hair is still soft and my edges are thickening up where I had some damage from a cornrow style I did over the summer time. I will definitely purchase more when I run out so I do not run out of this product!

Selina D.

Long strong hair I Love your products they do exactly what there supposed to do. My hair have grown 3 inches long, and it's very healthy. Thank you. Some much. Blessings

Tyeshya W.

Love this tea My hair feels amazing when I use this stuff..

Teresa M.

Tea Rinse I was having lots of shedding and some breakage. I used the tea rinse as a leave in or when I remoisturize very light mist. I can truly say in three weeks hardly no shedding. I was shedding like a tennis ball size , to golf ball size and now gumball size. Also, I have fine strands and I notice they have gotten stronger hardly no breakage. I love this tea rinse!!! Thank You for caring for us NATURALS:)

Karen M.

Multitasker This product has become a staple. I’m surprised by all the uses I make of it ... strengthing rinse and as add-ins to diy oils and other treatments. Definitely notice a difference in shedding when I use it v when I don’t. And I love the cute little wooden spoon!

Diane J.

Awesome Product I really love the tea rinse, it made my hair grow, and my hair was thin since using the rinse I notice my hair has thicken. Will be purchasing the rinse again


The best works wonders. love love it :)

Venaida W.

Wonderful product The tea mix is great

Diarra M.

Hair Growth Change I've definitely noticed my hair growing longer using this everyday with my daily scalp massage.

Cheron E.

Great Product I loved this product. Smelled so good and really helped my hair.

April M.

Green tea rinse

Portia S.

GROWTH TEA In my view the growth tea was not user friendly and way to expensive. I will not be buying it again.

Marteisha S.

+++ Smells good seems to be working so far for me and my husband as well the smallest pack comes with a good amount of tea

Gabrielle h.

Love it I really saw a difference in my hair. It is very shiny and my curls are bouncy.


Tea and Curls Love this. I keep it in the fridge and use it after cleansing. The chilled tea moisturizes and helps promote shine. Smell is lovely. I can use it to refresh my salt and pepper strands mid week.

Jovon Dorian B.

Best I ever had best I ever had Love this to bits! once brewed I fill my oz spray bottle 3/4ths of the way full with the rest being aloe vera juice. My hair is instantly revived and holds moisture like a champ. I may be going crazy but I swear that directly after use my curls unite and seem to clump up versus with other sprays where you have to be careful to not oversaturate or risk frizzy hair. No matter how much I spray (and I spray according to the need of the area being treated) my curls lap it up and thank me all day. Love it Curly P. bless you.

Nicole T.

A-mazing! I've been using the tea rinse as a refresher spray. I could feel it stimulating and invigorating my scalp immediately! It's been a little over a month and I have had a major reduction in hair fall/shedding. The roots of my new growth (and I mean GROWTH!) look and feel much thicker. I can't wait to incorporate more ayurvedic mixtures into my natural hair routine! Thank you Belle Bar & Curly Proverbz

Jamie c.

Beyond Satisfied!!! Been looking for natural products to cater specifically to my hair's needs and I've found just that! Obsessed with the hair mask that stimulates growth!!!!!!


Although I have been natural (3c for the most part) for quite some time, my hair was not growing. It was steadily shedding, limp and lifeless. Nothing I used made any significant difference, and I tried a lot of products. A friend recommended this tea to me, I can't tell you what a huge difference it has made! From the very first application, I could immediately tell that my hair was stronger, my curls were bouncy and lasted longer. In the beginning I used the tea everyday, that is just how lifeless and limp my curls were, I am now using the tea every other day. I have received so many compliments on my hair, that after only the first couple of uses - I came back and ordered the larger size of the tea. I hope that Belle Bar will consider keeping this tea in stock. I can't imagine not having it as a regular staple. This tea has replaced my regular protein treatments, and it's all natural!! I couldn't be happier with the results. Thank you Curly Proverbz and Belle Bar for giving my curls life!!!

Sally D

I discovered Belle Bar through the Curly Proverbz tutorials. I originally thought tea rinses were crazy but I am glad that I tried it! Its an ingenious way to get the herbs on the hair and scalp. We can control how strong and intense we want it and we know it's FRESH! I also use it during the week as a scalp and hair refresher. I keep my weekly batches in the fridge which is great for hot summer days. My hair is breaking less, it's softer and my highlights seem brighter. I just need to go from arm pit length to hip length!

T Lewis

I really like the rinse. I use it as a rinse and a refresher. I added some essential oils for smell. My hair is stronger, softer, and shinier. My curls are more defined.


I've been having trouble retaining moisture in my hair, and this has helped to keep my curls refreshed and bouncy throughout the day. The video tips helped a ton <3


I have been experiencing a lot of hair fall and shedding as of late and noticed a difference immediately after using this rinse! My hair feels stronger, looks shinier and a bit darker. I am so excited to see what progress my hair will have over the next few weeks.

Cydnee Owens

I recently received this as a gift from my mom. I ranted about the CP Henna Gloss for months now and my mom decided I needed the pair, and man I'm so glad she did. I use this mask weekly in tea sprays, or to boost my hair rice rinses. Both CP and Belle Bar know hair. Everything I've purchased from them my hair loves and is finally thriving after 2 years of a natural hair rut. I'm so thankful for this collaboration and hope these products are available for years to come :kissing_heart:

Tonia Williams

This is my first time trying teas in my hair. I am totally sold with this product. It refreshes my curls beautifully without leaving a residue. It has a soft and pleasant fragrance, is simple to use and a little goes a long way. I am a fan of Curly Proverbz and was delighted when she began offering these products online. I would definitely recommend her products to anyone. Awesome...thanks!!

Thailand Malloy

I've used hair teas for a while, and this is the best by far hair tea. My hair feels so refreshed and strong after spraying and using locking that moisture in with a moisturizing leave-in and oil. I would definitely recommend this hair tea to anyone. Great product and great job, Curly Proverbz!!

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