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 Join us as we go on a 60-day hair journey to strengthen, revitalize, grow, and thicken our hair using all-natural Ayurvedic ingredients! All Porosities Welcome!

4 Organic HairCare Products: Value $144.00
  • Henna Strengthening Hair Mask (Strengthening Mask)
  • Restorative Hibiscus Hair Mask (Moisturizing Mask)
  • Green Tea Length Strengthening Tea Rinse
  • Onion & Garlic Thickening Ayurvedic Herb Oil

BBO Digital Education: Value $79.00
  • BBO 10-day Exclusive Email Hair Course - Including the topics Porosity, Wash Day Regimen, Shedding vs. Breakage, Length Retention, Low Porosity Protein Warning etc...
  • BBO Guide To Natural Hair Definitions - Learn all of the hair code words that Natural Girls are always saying
  • BBO Hair +Growth Downloadable Checklists & Journal Pages: 
    • BBO Ayurvedic Growth Course Product Checklist
    • Hair Growth Chart
    • End of the Week Recap
    • Wash Day Journal
    • Weekly Moisturizing Sealing/Styling Journal
  • Access to our Private Facebook Group - for community support and access to mentors

Membership Perks - 7 day shipping for your Growth Club Kit 

Henna Strengthening Hair Mask: Our Henna Hair Gloss provides your hair with a makeover from softening with Avocado oil, hair growth with Green tea, moisture from the Henna, and promotes thicker hair with Maca Root. Healthy hair never looked or felt so good! This mask is our strongest protein treatment and is the perfect mask to balance with moisture for High Porosity hair. For Low Porosity/Normal/Combination Porosity Hair it is the one shot of protein you need every 4-6 weeks. No more than that in order to stay balanced.

Restorative Hibiscus Hair Mask: Our Hibiscus Hair Mask was designed with “au-naturale” in mind. Created using dehydrated fruits, and plants, this hair mask is non-toxic and fully stocked with beneficial ingredients that will go hand in hand to restore your hair. Hibiscus alone, is a natural gentle cleanser and a deep conditioning herb, that your kinks and curls will drink up with ease. Once the powder is activated with another superfood ingredient, the power of the mask offers the reward of reduced shedding by strengthening your hair, deeply conditioning your hair and increasing its shine. Give your dry hair a juicy dose of replenishment, while also cleansing it to leave behind soft, balanced curls.

Green Tea Length Strengthening Tea Rinse: So, I see you want the tea on our Green Tea Hair Refresher. I get it, you’re wondering what the hype is all about. You’re wondering if it really does promote hair growth and give a natural healthy shine to your hair. While we can confirm the rumors are true, you are your best expert, so give it a try first hand to witness the benefits – and that’s the tea! Add the Green Tea Refresher to a spray bottle for easy access whenever you’re in need of tea time. Pinkies up Ladies!

Onion & Garlic Thickening Ayurvedic Herb Oil: If you’re wondering why onions and garlic for this concoction, note that the juice from an onion aids in hair growth as it nourishes your hair follicles with its richness in sulfur. Sulfur is the beneficial factor in lengthening your growing phrase…more growth = less shedding. The garlic found in this oil has a high content of calcium, and zinc that are both essential to stimulating growth.

Strengthening Mask - A strengthening/protein treatment must be applied wisely for beautiful results. For our High Porosity gals, apply our Henna Strengthening Gloss 1-2 times per month while alternating between deep conditioning. Low/Normal Porosity ladies, apply every 4-6 weeks.

Moisturizing Mask -  As a moisturizing treatment for all porosities, you can apply this mask weekly. A little goes a long way, so don’t let the size of the jar deter you. One tablespoon of the dehydrated powder is all you’ll need -- activate your mask with an all-natural ingredient and unlock the power of healthy hair!

Tea Rinse - Our Green Tea Hair Refresher was created to treat thin, shedding hair. The benefits found in this tea will not only refresh your curls but stimulate hair growth and soften your texture. Steep the tea overnight for maximum benefits, keep refrigerated and be sure to brew a new batch every week. Be sure to use this Tea Refresher gently. No more than 2-3 times a week.

Ayurvedic Hair Oil -  As Women of Color, we understand our hair is unique and grows from our crown at different rates. We created this Thickening Oil to help our sistas who suffer from thin, shedding hair. This oil can benefit all hair porosities – Low, Normal or High, we got you! Healthy full hair can be had by all with this Belle Bar Original. Our oil can be applied daily! For best results, section your hair evenly and apply the oil from your scalp to the ends of your hair. Apply the oil, let it sit overnight to let the ingredients work its charm. For deeper penetration of the oil, massage it into your scalp and sit under a dryer for 20 minutes. Use that time to manifest your life and hair goals!

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The Henna Hair Mask

 Marshmallow Root: Adds slip & detangles, Avocado Oil: Soften dry and brittle split ends, Henna: Deeply conditions, Green Tea: Boosts hair growth, Maca Root: Promotes thicker stronger hair, Saw Palmetto: Promotes hair health, Apple Cider Vinegar: Rids split ends, Basil: Improves the strength of hair shaft

Restorative Hibiscus Hair Mask

Coconut Oil: Moisturize hair & reduce keratin loss, Shea Nut Oil: Moisturizes hair from root to tip, Avocado: Softens dry & brittle split ends, Cactus: Repairs damaged hair follicles, Hibiscus: Seals moisture in the hair cuticle, Marshmallow Root: Adds slip to hair to prevent breakage, Pumpkin: Deeply moisturizing.

The Green Tea Hair Refresher

Green Tea | boost hair growth, Lavender | balance natural oil production on the scalp, Black Tea | increase thickness, Calendula | moisturizes and restore strands, Chamomile | natural moisturizer, Comfrey | stimulate hair growth, Sage | shine, Red Clover | stimulate blood flow in the scalp, Hops | reduce hair fall

The Onion & Garlic Thickening Hair Oil

Avocado Oil: promotes hair growth, Mustard Oil: stimulates, Jojoba OIl: rejuvenates Aloe Vera Oil: Scalp health, Neem: cleanses, Black Jamaican Castor Oil: stop breakages, Onion Chips: strengthens, Garlic Chips: replenishes, Shikakai: cleanses, Horsetail: stop shedding, Aritha: increase volume, Nettle: contains Silica, Alfalfa Grass: rids thinning. Amla: improves scalp health, Bhringraj: reverse baldness, Ashwaganda: regrowth, Lavender Essential Oil: boost hair growth, Rosemary Essential Oil: thicken

How will I receive my course and my digital education?

You will receive your email course directly to the email address you use during check out. Please make sure to type your inbox carefully as your email is added to a special challenge list right away.

How to I get access to the private Facebook Group?

You will receive a link to our private facebook group in an email after you purchased the challenge.

What happens in our community?

The short answer is SUPPORT! Our exclusive community is a safe space where you can ask specific questions about your hair, ask for help creating or tweaking a recipe, vent about your curls and coils, and make friends with other women of color experiencing the same things as you!

Does it matter what porosity do I have?

Depending on your porosity the frequency of usage of each mask will vary to maintain protein moisture balance, but this kit can be used by all hair porosities.

Does it matter what curl pattern do I have?

No, it does not matter what curl pattern you has. Belle Bar Organic products were created for all curls, kinks and coils. You know what matters more than your curl pattern? Your porosity!

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