BBO Mini - Henna Strengthening Hair Gloss (Growth)

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Introducing our BBO MINI - Henna Strengthening Hair Gloss. 

Single Use Product. Maximum Benefit in Mini Size. 

Laid hair is healthy hair and with our Henna Strengthening Hair Gloss, you can have strong strands with a glossy shine to match! Protect your curls by locking in moisture, and repair your scalp, all while looking good doing so. Kiss brittle hair goodbye and enjoy having hair that grows stronger and glows longer.

Ingredients: Marshmallow Root: Adds slip & detangles, Avocado Oil: Soften dry and brittle split ends, Henna: Deeply conditions, Green Tea: Boosts hair growth, Maca Root: Promotes thicker stronger hair, Saw Palmetto: Promotes hair health, Apple Cider Vinegar: Rids split ends, Basil: Improves the strength of hair shaft.

Our Henna Hair Gloss provides your hair with a makeover from softening with Avocado oil, hair growth with Green tea, moisture from the Henna, and promotes thicker hair with Maca Root. Healthy hair never looked or felt so good!

This mask is our strongest protein treatment and is the perfect mask to balance with moisture for High Porosity hair.

Our Henna Strengthening Hair Gloss was created for High Porosity hair that suffers from being weak and brittle. This strengthening treatment provides protein to help with repairing your damaged hair and adding a protective layer over each kink and coil.

Belle Tip: A strengthening/protein treatment must be applied wisely for beautiful results. For our High Porosity gals, apply our Henna Strengthening Gloss 1-2 times per month while alternating between deep conditioning. Low/Normal Porosity ladies, apply every 4-6 weeks.

BBO MINI Hair Mask

1 Application

●In a bowl mix your BBO MINI with 1 tablespoon of warm water or Aloe Vera Juice. Mix the water and the hair mask together and press out all of the lumps.

●Add up to 1 Cup of your favorite moisturizing conditioner and/or 1 cup of your blended fresh ingredient. Mix, press out or blend well to a consistency of baby food and strain. The amount of active ingredient depends on the length and thickness of your hair.

●Apply mix individually on each section, all the way down to the ends

●Comb with wide tooth comb or fingers from ends to scalp

●Leave in for minimum of 1 hour

●Cover your head with a plastic cap

Optional ​- Sit under a hairdryer for at least 20 minutes for deeper penetration. Co-wash hair in sections 2-3 times with a conditioner, using cool water to make sure all ingredients are out of your hair. Use an old t-shirt to squeeze excess water out of your hair. Apply leave-in conditioner

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Even on products that have been opened and used. We want all of our clients to be able to truly experience our products and love them!

Janice R.

This is my first time using it. I got samples in my order. I had used semi permanent color about 3 weeks ago. My hair was breaking off. I bit the bullet and added to my conditioner. 0nly left it on for 45 minutes as my scalp was irritated. As I was rinsing it out I lost a ton of hair. Scared me to death. In all likelihood it was shedding hair. My hair didn't feel anything. BTW i have gray hair and it didn't stain my hair. I'll try it again in 2 weeks. Since I'm committed to veganism I don't want chemicals in my hair.

Evelyn W.

I have not used it yet, but will let you know the results.

Karen P.

My hair regimen was missing a protein treatment and I found it the Henna Strengthening Hair Gloss. My hair LOVES this product! My hair is softer, more defined and, yet, stronger than it has ever been. I am retaining much more length, and shedding has significantly reduced . I alternate this will the Ultra Nourishing Guacamole Hair Mask for fabulous results.

angie p.

This did nothing for me except create a huge mess in the shower. To be honest, I am not even sure if I used it right because the instructions were a little vague. I mixed it with hot water (the instructions did not specify how much water) then added in my normal deep conditioner. That created a messy concoction that separated from the water and was impossible to spread on my hair. The result was a mess in the tub and my hair felt exactly the same, if not dryer than before application. Sadly, I was unimpressed.

Shron T.

It has been great for my hair I mixed it in my conditioner. I use it as a gloss I have noticed a change in my hair from the the three times I've used it. I've used henna before and it changed my curl pattern didn't like that so wasn't sure if I wanted to used it again. I've learned I can mix it with my conditioner with amla and it won't have much of an effect in changing my curl pattern or my hair color. I have enjoyed using it each time my hair loves it. Will purchase again thank you

Merisa P.

My hair feels so soft and full love it

Sadie M.

Great feeling and not rough ends. Managed much better.


I love this product after my first use my hair was so soft and my curls were so defined

Monica W.

I love this mask it strengthens my hair and leaves and my hair very soft, it also has thickened my hair a lot.

Amie .

My hair has not felt this nourished in years. The difference in how my hair feels is worth this product's permanent place in my haircare routine. SO glad I found this product line!

JoAnn Holmes H.

Made my hair much stronger and thicker. I mixed it with an avocado.. love it..

Regina B.

My hair feels great! And it is not itchy, it's very shiny, and it is very easy to do I purchase again in the future. I have low porosity hair, this was great for it.

Luvisa M.

Omg, this product is one of a kind. When used my curls were so coarse and my hair was so soft. Very easy to detangle and very moisturized!! U have customer for life, thank you belle bar...

Julia B.

My first time using product. I like the simple and easy instructions included in box. My hair normally breaks off in between washes. One of my main reasons for buying thia product, help stop breakage.I like that my hair seemed less kinky and tangled. I didnt have alot of breakage and hair loss after using this product. I definitely think its worth trying.

Vanessa D.

Very strengthening and powerful concoction

Velma H.

Henna is definitely a game changer for me. Shedding stop right away! My hair is strong healthy , I can't be without it or the mask I use. I love your product this is 7 day hair. Thanks!

Auriana W.

My hair felt healthy after one use

Dannetta F.

My hair is revived and strong after using. I also have LESS shedding in the shower because it’s becoming stronger! ❤️

Kim F.

Love how soft my hair feels afterwards

Deonetta A.

Did my first henna mask 2 days ago and the results were amazing. I did a henna and avocado combination and my hair feels so soft and shiny. Looking forward to the long term results.

Bonita G.

Very good results with my henna on first use.

Kathleen F.

Decided to mix my henna gloss with avocado honey and Greek yogurt...this hair mask came out to be amazing!!! I’ve used this before in the past and it helped my hair a lot. I used other protein treatments and other brands but this has been the best so far. I’m in love ❤️

Tracy J.

I Loveeee this product! My low porosity hair is finally moisturized, soft and shiny!! Please do not discontinue!

Lara J.

This was amazing for my High Porosity Hair I never knew how moisturized my hair could be. The shine and the defined curl pattern was unreal to me. Zero frizz, Lots of shine, Defined curls, and Loads of hydration. This is my new favorite treatment for my hair. Thank you for the two samples provided in my order I can’t wait to try them as well. I will purchase more products in the future.

Nicole A.

This gloss is life! My curls were lifeless, limp and droopy 2 days ago. I went online to see what could be wrong and discovered it was probably moisture overload. I had deep conditioned twice in one week (won't do again). I've had this henna gloss for weeks without using it. I was afraid because I had just gotten my hair colored. Well yesterday I bit the bullet, and this stuff brought my hair back to life! I don't think I've ever been this stinkin' cute! Curls move and are bouncy. They've retracted right back into position. I complain about prices but what can you do when the products are worth it. I came here first through Curly Proverbz. I started a natural hair regimen because of her and now am a believer. Thank you , Belle Bar!

Sandrina I.

I am new to Henna and this gloss is just what my hair needed. I have been telling everyone that ask about my hair about these products. I look forward to trying more especially the green tea rinse. And thank you for the free samples.

Marian D.

This product gave my hair a sheen it didn't have before I love it!

Juanita J.

Love the product make hair feel and look good

Juanita J.

I did Hibiscus with pumpkin my hair never felt so soft and thick when wash it out can't wait to try the other.

Juanita J.

I did Hibiscus with pumpkin my hair never felt so soft and thick when wash it out can't wait to try the other.

Lucette W.

It was a easy process

Ashley P.

I loveeeeee this gloss! This will forever be a staple in my regimen! I have a lot of hair but it is fine textured so it’s sensitive to anything and everything but this gloss makes sure my hair stays soft and strong!!

N. M.

I been using this Henna mask for the last 2-3months and seen a drastic decrease of shedding. My hair actually feels stronger after each use. Love this mask for my fine high porosity hair.

N. M.

Chad mask provided great moisture and strength to my hair.

Arjohwa J.

This product honestly IS A LIFE SAVER FOR MY HAIR . My hair was soft and moisturized Will definitely order OVER AND OVER AGIN

Olivia B.

This is definitely a staple in my regimen. It helps so much with strengthening my hair and my hair has improved like crazy because of this!

Regine B.

Love this gloss. Makes my hair so shiny! So much good ingredients.... I can't handle it. It's part of my regiment Ps. I miss curlyproverbz products

Hazel B.

I use this mask every other wash day to balance out all the moisture from the other masks with some strength. It does wonders for my hair. I don’t worry anymore if my hair will be hard or brittle because the henna also makes my hair very soft. I usually mix it with a cheap conditioner and let it sit in my hair overnight. In the morning, I wash it out and out comes beautiful hair.

Chanda B.

I loved it! But I used it when I first started wearing my hair natural. I was afraid it would relax my curl or change my curl pattern. But all in all, my hair was super soft.

Bryce P.

Let's talk about this henna gloss! I left it on for the recommended 1 hour. When I rinsed my hair I didn't even recognize it. My hair was SO soft, SHINY and the curls were very defined. I almost didn't want to put styling products in it for fear of messing it up. I loved this product!


So great! Love this mask so much. I hope it's never discontinued. It's so strengthening and moisturizing at the same time. I'm so tempted to use it every single week but I know better, lol. This is my favorite of the current Belle Bar masks.

Tramaell M.

I love a good hair mask and this is one. I mixed the henna with a little aloe vera juice added that to my favorite cheap conditioner, sprinkled with a little olive and avocado oil. My hair was in soft and defined heaven!


Best ever This is literally the best henna gloss ever and I've tried many! Perfect balance between moisture and strength, easy to use and makes your curls pop. It will likely be a staple forever.

Mai P.

Love the gloss This is my first time using a henna gloss, though I have used other ayurvedic hair products before. I like the ease of the prepacking, so I don't have to mix and measure as much. The mask leaves my hair feeling strong, but still soft and moisturized.


Henna Gloss I love this gloss! It is very moisturizing but strengthening and always make my curls pop!!!


Henna I have never used henna. Used cassia in the past. I really like how my hair felt strong and eladtic. My curls were defined. It rinsed out easy. I mixed it with rose as nd lavender water, then shea moisture jbco mask. They pair beautifully. Thsnks Belle Bar


Strengthening gloss I always love henna. I added rinse out conditioner to the gloss, and it worked really well to strengthen my hair!

Michelle M.

Henna gloss Love love love it My hair had curls, soft, defined

Lashawn W.

The hair masks are very moisturizing.....will definitely try other products


First off before I go any further I have to say thank you, thank you for helping me fall in love with my natural hair again. I have curly hair which has gone through a great deal; flat ironing, coloring, aging, stress, divorce, sun, cold you name it. All these things took such a toll on my hair that it started falling out and just looked horrible. I finally cut it ALL off and started new but still was looking bad. I thought cutting it all off would help but it didn’t and after a whole year of letting it grow out it still was shedding and looked brittle and dry which made me totally HATE my hair. I felt hopeless. Then one day searching for help on YouTube found a few curly videos talking about this product. I HAD TO TRY IT and I did. The first time I was happy with how it felt and maybe even how it looked. But after the 3rd week I’m happy to say I love my hair again. I haven’t said that in YEARS. It looks and feels amazing. The shedding, well that’s still a work in progress but I can see some definite changes and all I can say is WOW... I have told every person I know with curly hair about these products and even made a 2nd purchase. Thank you for helping me fall in love with my hair once again. I never thought I would ever say that!

Julie T.

Loving the shine Ok so I just used the product once hence the 4 stars. I can say that my hair looks and feels great. It is shiny and soft; so in that respect I give it 5 stars. Now I have been having a great deal of shedding so that is my MAJOR concern. Once I see some improvements in that area I can say it’s a total 5. I did order the grape seed oil and tea rinse to use in conjunction with the henna gloss which have all been great as well. As I said before so far the results are amazing and I really love the products I can’t stop talking about them. Now if this shedding can stop I will sing their praises...

Surbhie A.

Best hair mask ever This is the best hair mask I ve ever tried. My hair felt so silky and manageable after only one application. Definitely buying this again.

Kiysha D.

Love it!!!! Ordered this gloss for the second time:slightly_smiling:it’s fantastic! My hair feels strengthened and is growing so fast!! I’m a customer for life!

Candaice D.


Tanya M.

Great products It’s so nice to use a product that is completely natural and made with respect and care. My hair felt the love! Thank you I will support Belle Bar and refer all my friends and family.

Cene P.

Beautiful Natural Fabulously done! I love these hair products and my hair is in love. Moisture and poppin curls. Thank you Belle Bar and Curly Proverbz for those fire tutorials. Can you put something together a product with the rhassoul clay, please?

Deborah D.

Curly Proverbz-Henna Hair Mask I just used it today. I washed my hair and mixed the mask with my conditioner and walked around the house for a few hours. When I rinsed it out I saw the water was like a rust color and I had to laugh to myself....I forgot I had henna in my hair. It made my hair a richer color which I like. I am waiting for the decrease in hair shedding, but I will continue to use the product!


I love this product. It has made a big difference in my hair health and thickness. I also recommended this product my friend E. Croom Lundy and she just ordered.

Tawanna O.

Henna Gloss A little cakey, I guess from shipment, but works well. Beats the time to make my own.

Chrystal H.

Great quality stuff! So far so good my hair felt very soft after the initial henna gloss use. I mixed with my fave leave in conditioner. The products are definitely organic and of good quality. Can't wait to keep using and see the results.

Sophia J.

Disappointed I was so excited to get my products, when I opened and saw the size I was taken aback, did not feel I was getting value for money. Deciding whether to return items. Cant even bring myself to try them.

Caridad Q.

Love the product, little dry with the Hannah. Working on more moisturizer in my conditions or treatments because my hair is very brittle I really don’t know if it’s my age. But I love your product

Aja NariaRacia Hill

Hair Loves This Stuff I have been using the Henna Hair Gloss for a little over a month and i am really loving how it has my hair feeling, i also have been using the tea and i make my own oil and all together BOOM my hair feels like its on cloud 9.. i was on here ordering more gloss and decided to go head and add my review while i am here.

Danica K.

Favorite Henna Gloss I love how easy it is to use and I love the effects it has on my hair. I have extremely fine natural hair and nothing fortifies it like henna. And with this gloss, I don't have to gather and mix everything myself. This is so wonderful!

Leah M.

I can't live without it Omg don't stop selling the Curly Proverbz line please, it's changed my hair for the best and I don't know what I'll do without every one of these products <3

Stephanie T.

The best!!! I loooove the Henna Gloss, it’s easy to use and healthy for my hair.


Great first impression I saw good results the first time then by the third gloss my hair loves it! I will continue to use!

Sandra P.

You should try the henna gloss! I made this purchase weeks ago and wanted to try it out consistently to give an honest opinion. I honestly can say that I didn't have to wait long to see the effects of this product. I have tight curls and using this gloss in my routine helps relax them for easy styling. It also helps my hair remain soft. Who knew? I also love the product knowledge. It makes me feel that I'm doing the absolute best for my hair. Thank you so much!!!

Ruth S.

Wonderful for my hair I've been watching Curly Proverbz for a while. I use to make her diy but I'm so happy she now sells it and I will continue to purchase.

Gloria E.

My Gloss I ordered 2 of the Curly Proverbz Henna Gloss by Belle Bars. I enjoy the mixing part. Its like I'm a Master Chemist inventing a master plan. Anyways, in my mind my hair looks like her based on her product . Thank you Belle Bar for allowing her henna gloss to reach the masses. Including me in Michigan.

Randall I.

LOVE LOVE LOVE I have always been into taking care of my hair with Ayurvedic methods for a while now. Belle bar organic s takes out the hassle of mixing all the herbs and powders, I LOVE IT. It’s a holy grail miracle product delivered right to your door step for easy application. My hair loves this gloss along with the conditioner that I chose to mix it with.


Best thing I ever did for my hair I’m so thankful for finding Curly Proverbz on Youtube. This collaboration has my hair looking amazing. It has grown past my shoulders with my curly length. My touches below my bra strap when I recently flat ironed it for a length check. It’s great stuff. I’m just curious can I go get highlights again. I’ve been told using henna and getting highlights is a no-no. What do you think?

Marsha W.

Amazing Henna I ordered the Henna Mask and have used twice. I wash my hair every 2 weeks and use the Henna Mask every other wash day as to not overwhelm my hair. I have had amazing results. I just ordered my second batch the 10 oz. I hope that Belle Bar will always carry this product. Love Marsha

Kristin C.

I Love It This mask really did wonders for my hair. I have never had genetically coarse (thick ) hair. My hair was always thin and feather like, so seeing some thickness coming in as well as the overall strength of my hair increasing I am now invested in ayurvedic practices. I will be purchasing again soon.


SO AWESOME All of Curly Probverbz hair care in collaboration with Belle Bar Organics have helped my hair flourish with sustained health and length. I am beyond happy with their organic hair products!! I always order the largest sizes available. I am extremely happy with the service and the products!!!

Plezhette G.

Belle bar Henna gloss I love it...leaves my hair strong, tangle free, soft and manageable!!

Yvonne B.

Greatest Product! Purchased the HENNA HAIR GLOSS in late October! Applied this Gloss to my Curl Junkie Hair Conditioner, which is quite moisturizing by itself. My hair is very fine and dense. My hair is light brown and this gloss didn’t change the color at all just made it glow. My hair has remained soft and moisturized for the past four days which is out of the norm for me! Will be purchasing more soon!

Tanya M.

Henna hair mask The product was very helpful to my hair it not only gave it strength but it also thickened it up and help replenish the life back into my hair:massage::type_5:I would usually put a rinse my hair to help hide the grey strains I have because of early grey hairs but actually the henna mask helped conceal those grey strains without using a hair rinse overall I'm very happy with the product can't wait to purchase more again

Etsehiwot A.


Marina M.

I love it...but It may just be the batch i received but i have now used the product 3 times and it is extremely difficult to rinse out of my 4b/4c hair. I love the effects but this problem alone has me doubting if i should reorder

Tonia W.

Most Nourishing Hair Treatment I have been using the Henna Hair Gloss now for several months and my texture, strength, and length has improved dramatically. This treatment will definitely be a regular treatment for my hair. Excellent product!!

Aeshia T.

My hair loves stuff!! I love this gloss. I use with with a moisturizing deep conditioner as was suggested. I left it on for about 2 hours and when I rinsed, my hair was super soft super shiny and my curls were like Here I am world!!! Amazing. I'm going to try the Henna mask next. Thank you Farida and Belle Bar. My schedule does not allow for me to put these recipes together so thank you for making them available!!!

Julia D.

Would not recommend this product. This product doesn't blend well with the conditioner. In addition, it took away the elasticity from my hair. My hair is very limp with no body. I have also noticed a lot of shedding as well.

Anjelantta J.

Love This Gloss!! new at aruvedic products and glosses, but since I've used this gloss on my hair, it is the bomb! I love how it makes my hair feel (super soft). I've also made Curly Proverbs oil and tea! I use it hair has grown so long. I've been using her products for about 7 months! Thank you! :kissing_smiling_eyes: Evette

Nozipo C.

The best hair gloss EVER!!! In all the years that I have been wearing natural hair, and even before when I was putting heat into it, I have never come across a product quite like this. After I washed my hair, I mixed the gloss with my Shea Moisture conditioner and aloe vera juice then applied it liberally to my hair. I ended up keeping it in overnight because I had fallen asleep. When I woke up and rinsed my hair, I was absolutely taken aback at how soft my hair was. It also felt thicker and stronger. I've been caring for my own hair since I was 9 years old and it has NEVER felt that good! Please don't ever stop making this stuff!

Jennifer N.

It was ok.Too little product to see any difference.

Cherie B.

Curly Proverbz x Belle Bar "Henna" Hair Gloss Mask" I love the Henna Hair Gloss Mask because it helped to penetrate my hair strands. The hair gloss changed the color of my hair slightly but I like it. I have also seen some changes in the growth of my hair which was great

Nyeshia B.

Loveeee I found my true love in a hair product.

Kenya M.

My hair did not respond well to the hair gloss after following application directions. The gloss left my hair feeling very dry.

Tasha W.

OKAY. It was just okay. Nothing special.

Marcia R.

A real game changer for my hair. Beautifully packaged and the smell of the hair tea was so therapeutic. My hair is stronger and longer and my curls are more defined. I'll definitely be ordering more. I don't like the rather steep customs charges for delivery to Luxembourg BUT these products are da bomb. Well done Belle Bar and Curly Proverbz. Keep on doing what you doing ladieeeeez!!!:smile:

Nakia H.

Elation Her products are transforming. I've fallen back in love with my hair. Please continue to serve us quality products. Thank you!!!

Wendi R.

Yummy!! I've only used the product once but so far so good!

Jennifer K.

Love Can't wait to try more products

Teniyah H.

Amazing I mixed the gloss with fenugreek water (that became thick from sitting out for 3-4 days) and the slip from it was amazing. My hair loves it!

Ciara G.

Henna hair mask This makes my hair feel so soft and strong will definitely keep purchasing! :hugging:

Tonia W.

Absolutely Awesome!! My hair has strengthened and my scalp is in excellent condition. Due to a scalp condition (seborrhea dermatitis) that is a miracle! I am very happy with the results and will be using these products regularly.

Jovon Dorian B.

Update** Welp, couldn't figure out how to update a previous review as I promised I would so here we go hopefully shorter this time. The product is A MAZE BALLS. what worked best for me was mixing with a personal favorite conditioning mask. I keep the routine of mixing the gloss with black tea and then adding to my conditioner. I usually let it sit for the duration of my weekend housework so about 2hrs and I try to break a sweat while doing so. I have noticed a stupid amount of strength in my hair. Fewer ssk and a better ability to hold moisture. This is proven by the fact that I can legit get a wash n go without trying ..CURLY P my curls thank you for bringing your knowledge and experience to the masses! I moved from doing it every 2 weeks to about weekly sometimes about 10 days bc the process is so simple. Mind you I also pair this with the tea rinse and the oil now that it's available...Chaka Khan, SZA and Leela James I'm coming for you ladies :) ...I wish we could reply to the few people who weren't having the best experience and provide suggestions bc I want us all to win with this.

Blandina V.

Henna Hair Gloss Mask Thanks for sharing your recipes with all of us. I can attest the gloss works wonders for my hair; it is stronger, it doesn't shed as much as it used to and the best part is that hair is growing! My friends are always noting how much my hair is growing. it is worth every cent

Janice P.

5 star product did was it clamed to do can't wait to reorder

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