BBO MINI - Intense Fenugreek Regeneration Hair Mask (Growth)

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Introducing our BBO MINI -  Intense Fenugreek Regeneration Hair Mask

Single Use Product. Maximum Benefit in Mini Size. 

Is your hair in need of rejuvenation? Reach for our Intense Fenugreek Regeneration Hair Mask to reduce shedding, boost hair growth, and rejuvenate your curls. This repair mask is just the remedy your hair needs to soften your curls while improving its strength, texture, and providing a protective barrier around each strand.

Ingredients: Goat Milk: Moisturizes, Fenugreek: Helps prevent hair loss, Marshmallow Root: Detangles, Aloe Vera Oil: Reduce hair thinning, Pumpkin: Improves regrowth, Neem Oil: Seals hair follicles, Grapeseed Oil: Reduce hair loss.

It’s Time To Love Your Hair!

paola m.

Love it makes my hair very soft and shiny

Cesha A.

This is another belle bar product that I’ve tried and absolutely LOVE! I honestly don’t know which I love more between this one and the chebe powder they’re both so good!

Evelyn W.

With low porosity hair, I will use this once a month starting next wash day. Stay tune!

Marva L.

I think I love this mask the most. Just love how my hair feels when I use it! Not to say that the other mask are not FANTASTIC to! But I Love Love Love the Fenugreek for my hair type. I am sold!

Ashanti W.

This worked miracles and wonders on my hair. I applied this with my go to conditioner and aloe Vera juice and could tell the difference. My hair was very soft and moisturized after applying. This will be a permanent addition to my deep conditioning routine! Thank you Belle Organic!

Dejanique M.

My hair is so much more manageable and noticeable softer even after the very first use. I am so very impressed.

Tammy B.

I have only used the product once given I have low porosity hair. After my first use I was very pleased because my hair didn’t feel brittle or coarse. I’m looking forward to trying other products.

shaneka g.

The Fenugreek mask is great. I used it twice so far, one month apart. I was nervous because I think my hair is like protein sensitive, but this mask is well balanced. I noticed the strength it added to my hair, really just the right amount. I made a review on my Youtube channel NaturallyNeka, check it out and ask me any questions.

Alice K.

I choose the Fenugreek because I want to grow my hair. The crown of my hair is high porosity and very thin and has a looser curl pattern. I love the smell of maple syrup that the fenugreek leaves on my hair. I am hoping that it strengthens my hair and gives my hair what it is missing to grow back thicker.

Tashja J.

My hair is in the best condition it's ever been in! I went from having frizzy hair that was always breaking off to well defined, smooth curls with nearly nonexistent breakage. I had been struggling to grow my hair without it thinning at the ends and was at the point of just big chopping again. I've tried many products and supplements for years to fix this. For the first time in years, my hair looks full throughout the entire length. Thank you for making such a great product!

Stacey C.

Love this product and will repurchase it again. Yes it has help the shedding of my hair.

Quinn B.

My hair does feel a lot stronger since using it. Normally I experience breakage from dryness so this helps maintain moisture along with the chebe mask.

Ade A.

This product made my hair feel bouncy and strong after using. Only issue is that the fenugreek particles remained in my hair and I had to rinse multiple times and then come it out after. Still notices strength but I know fenugreek’s texture is more so responsible for this issue and not much the manufacturer can change about it without including additives which I do not want. Anyways I’m still going to use this until it’s done :)

erica s.

Strengthens my hair, less shedding, and makes detangling MUCH easier.

Tracy C.

This is an amazing product!! My hair was left feeling strong and moisturized. I just love it and will keep it in my stock of products.

Keith L.

Awh man, so I’m not a woman, but I use the products and I must say it’s been very noticeable in only the first week! Thank you guys so much, you all are killing it!

Vivian Arsene A.

I love how it makes my hair soft. It’s natural products no chemical based and looking for healthy hair and growth.

Lydia L.

I received the kit for the 60 day challenge and I've used the onion oil, argan oil moisturizer and black soap shampoo. My hair is really short and I like it that way but having used just these three pieces of the kit, I see a noticeable difference in the feel and look of my hair AND in it's ability to retain moisture. My plan is to deep condition every week with a moisturizing deep conditioner and once every month with a protein deep conditioner. I've learned a lot about my hair through the yourube videos and will share this info with friends and family.

Corrine C.

The strength of the fenugreek mask brought my curls back to life after I accidentally over moisturized my hair. My hair is 3C and Iow to normal porosity. I color my grays and currently have highlights. I heat style less than 4 times a year. My main concern is shedding and protecting my ends. I miss my hairs volume it's about 2/3's as thick as it was prior to health issues from stress. I had bald patches and had to put eyeshadow on my scalp to reduce the visibility. After a lot of diligence I regrew a lot of my hair but the volume hasn't come back fully. I mixed this mask with 1 cup of homemade coconut cream and a TBS of raw honey. I wrapped my hair in plastic and sat under a hair dryer for 30 minutes then left it in for another 1.5 hrs. My curls was bouncy and super shiny. Yes to this mask once a month to ensure my hair has the protein it needs to thrive.

Lakysha R.

This mask is amazing! It absorbed right into my strands! My hair felt so strong and full! You have to get it!!!

Malene C.

Hair Treat! I have only used this mask once so far and I was impressed! I mixed the mask with Aloe Vera juice before mixing it into some Garnier Ultimate Blends Olive Oil Dry Hair Conditioner and added some grapeseed oil before applying to my hair and covering with a heated cap as a deep treatment for an hour, or so. The mask was easy to wash out and the first thing I noticed was that my curls popped, my hair was moisturised and felt soo soft!!! Overall, I’m excited to see what this mask will do to the overall condition of my hair with continued use.


My hair loved it. Easy to detangle and I could feel the difference.

M F.

Makes hair so much stronger, such a staple

Rachel P.

Love this mask! I mix it with a little bit of water and add it to my deep condtioner! My hair always feel soft and strong after using!

Olivia B.

My hair LOVES this mask! It makes my hair feel so soft and stronger. It has definitely helped aid in my hair growth! Forever will be a staple in my regimen.

M. N.

THIS. WORKS. That's all you need to know! *proceeds to ramble* curly hair has a mind of its own but whenever I need a guaranteed great hair day this is what I use! I even got my sister hooked on it!!

J. S.

I mixed this with a deep conditioner and some essential oils and carrier oils. I was afraid it was going to be difficult to rinse out because of the granular texture but it rinsed out with water quite easily. I feel like my hair is shinier and easier to manage. I will definitely be getting more of this!

Eboni Morrow Payne

My hair soaked it up! My hair really liked this one! It felt strengthened without feeling dry and crunchy. My hair was shiny afterwards. That’s a huge thing for me! I love the ingredients and I would purchase this again!!


Amazon fenugreek hair mask is AMAZING! I mix a small amount of the Amazon Mask with my favorite deep conditioner and it leaves my hair moisturized even after I rinse the conditioner out. This mask leaves my hair cuticles feeling smooth and soft which is priceless for my high porosity hair. This is definitely a staple product for me.

Sasha Simpson

Strengthens and adds shine.... I have used this mask a couple times and my hair feels so much stronger. I have been using it with meadow and they're a great pair. If you're looking to strengthen your hair, this is the mask I would recommend.

Diana H.

Fenugreek mask I love this mask. Its probably my #2. It makes my hair feel stronger

Sheila F.

Was NOT expecting that! Ok so this right here!! I used this at a time when when my hair was shedding like crazy!! I big chopped my hair 7.5 months ago and it was definitely time for a trim so my hair was really doing the most with the shedding! I didn’t expect this mask to to be so effective. I used it once. once. I’ll say this one more time for the people in the back, once. Not only did my hair chill out on the shedding, but it was so soft and the curl definition with no product was amazing! I mixed the mask with aloe Vera juice and added it to my deep conditioner, covered my hair with a plastic cap and used my bonnet dryer for about an hour..amazing! I’d love to see what continued use will do for me growth wise but I would definitely recommend this! You won’t be disappointed


Shedding reduction Amazon amazingly has reduced my hair from shedding! I used to be hesitant to use a comb to detangle my hair on wash day. I have no issues using a tool to aide in detangling since I’ve been using Amazon!


Love it! I love the strength and moisture this mask imparts to my hair. The smell is not for the faint of heart but the results are definitely worth it. The slip is really good for detangling and my hair feels both strong and soft afterwards.


Can’t wait to see long term benefits It’s been a few weeks since I deep conditioned my hair due to death in my family. I didn’t have high hopes anything would make my neglected hair look and feel good. I added 2 teaspoons of this mask to a conditioner I had in hand, and left in my hair covered for 2 hours. When I rinsed my hair it felt so nice. It felt as if I didn’t miss about 2 weeks of deep treatments. I really like fenugreek for my hair and happy to find this mix. My hair was soft, I had more shine and I do henna my hair for strength already but my hair felt strengthened. Can’t wait to see long term impact using this fenugreek mask. Belle Bar is the place to find great natural hair boosting ingredients. :+1::skin-tone-5:

Judith Jocelyne Nondowoudou

Okay Curls now let’s get in formation!!! I mixed this hair mask woth a hydrating deep conditioner, some honey and lemon juice (weid combination) and OMG!!! That’s all I was saying that day. My hair was smooth, the dullnes was gone. My curls were so hydrated and my curls so defined. It’s just amazing how it made me feel. It’s definitely a staple.


Amazon!!! I really love this mask!! I mixed it with fresh avocado and and banana, this mask was super strengthening and my hair was really moisturized . Excited to see the growth I could get from using the product because of the benefits of fenugreek! Love!!


Should be called “amazing” I really love this mask! My hair was really soft and my 4c hair had some really nice looking curls. I’m excited to see what this mask is going to do after a couple more uses.


Hair feels fantastic And I think it’s growing. I mix this in my DC with the avocado powder mix from belle bar and it always makes my hair feel soft and moisturizing. I’ve been using in conjunction with the meadow tea with the view of growing my edges and I’m happy with the results so far.

Dee W.

Soo strengthening! I am absolutely in love with this mask! I’ve been using this for three months and my hair is thankful for it. It is transformed and I’m loving every bit of it. I get compliments from my hair stylist and she is loving that I’m taking care of my hair with all natural products. This product is a staple in my regimen! Must have if you want/need a strengthening mask!

Tramaell Mc.

Amazon = Amazing! I am loving all of the mask thus far. My deep conditioning game has been changed for the better. Ama is her name! She left my hair soft, shiny and popping. I can't wait to try another one.


Moisturized hair I really like this intense regeneration mask. A couple weeks before I applied the mask, I cut my hair because I was experiencing shedding. I did a pre-poo for about an hour, rinsed my hair, used sulfate free shampoo, and applied the mask. When initially looking at the ingredients, you'd think that there would not be enough of the mask to apply to your hair, but the amount was perfect for me. After I rinsed out the mask, my hair felt moisturized and strengthened. I look forward to using it again to see how much strength this intense mask will provide.

Mai P.

Soft, Moisturized Hair I deep conditioned with some added fenugreek infused oil, and my hair came out very soft and hydrated. I was also impressed that the next day, my hair still felt just as moisturized. I'm not sure if this can beat the Chebe mask for me as my all time Belle Bar favorite, but it's definitely in the running!


Wonderful Mask I love this mask. I mixed it with Aloe Vera juice and blended in into my no protein conditoner. The results were amazing. My hair was soft and shiny. Will definitely repurchase


Amazon Amazing Mask This was one of the first products I purchased from Bell Bar. It changed my hair life ladies.... This was the best decision I had EVER made when it comes to my hair. I went natural so I wasn't familiar with taking care of non processed hair. I was a Youtube fanatic, if it was about natural hair I was watching it. I came across a video with Curly Proverbz and she was doing a collaboration with Bell Bar for her Henna gloss she made. So of course I went to the site and was perusing the site and saw the sample of the the Amazon mask, just the ingredients themselves had me like YEP... I choose YOU.. so I bought the sample size to make sure my hair would like it. And GIRL she (my hair) LOVED IT... I've been HOOKED ever since. I have the BIG one now and I am almost out... and YES HONEY I will be repurchasing this mask for as long as possible or as long as my hair is THRIVING because of it... Best Mask Ever


Love love love...great results! I used the Amazon and Waikiki together as a hair mask and really loved it, lots of moisture and definition. I was able to do my first EVER twist out.

Rhya L.

pros & cons The ingredients are fantastic. The oil works great. My hair felt soft and nourished after using, however I did use a number of other things on my hair as well. Its too soon to know if this oil works in terms of hair growth or not. The one thing that I do not like about this was the fact that the oil contains fine granules. It leaves an unwanted residue on my hair. Like tiny crumbs. Its unpleasant.

Jemila A.

Amazing! This mask is fantastic! It made my hair soft and shiny with intense curl definition. Highly recommended.

Lashawn H.

Saw a difference on my first use Like how shiny it made my hair. And made my daughter hair look so healthy just on the first use. I think this is great for those with thick hair. I also notice my split ends didn't look split after using this product


I love how shiny and glossy it made my hair on the first use. Also used it on my daughter hair made her hair very healthy bouncy and shiny on her thick hair. Will reorder

Brandy C.

Finally!! My hair has been shedding and my hair was in need of some serious TLC after a bad relaxer. I have been looking for a while for a great deep conditioner that has natural product. Finally I found it!! I love this hair mask. After my first use my hair felt so soft. I could not keep my hands out of my hair. My hair had great shine as well. I got the sample packs after my first use I will be ordering more hair mask.

Cindy G.

Amazon Mask I absolutely love the product it soften my hair, has great shine and it has good slip when applying the product and the results are fantastic


This mask is the bomb! I mixed this mask with an “ok” deep conditioner to follow up a full henna treatment. My hair was extremely soft for the entire week! This is so moisturizing, I will definitely repurchase!


I am the most indecisive person you can ever met. The small batch recipes are DEFINATELY a life saver. My local supermarket was having a sale on avocados which is rare in itself. I mashed a whole avocado with two tablespoons of rosemary infused olive oil that I made along with mask. My hair was SO soft, hydrated and just fabulous =D


I love this mask! I mixed it with Nature's Gate Avocado and Henna conditioner. My hair seemed to have increased elasticity. My coils were defined. Definitely would recommend

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