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BENEFIT: Strengthens Hair Follicles, Increases Volume, Promotes Length

BEST FOR HAIR TYPE: Weak, Breaking, Shedding Hair

STAR INGREDIENTHenna, Cassia, Green Tea, Fenugreek, Rhassoul Clay


A $235.00 VALUE 

1.6oz Curly Proverbz X Belle Bar "HENNA" Hair Gloss Mask
5 rinse Curly Proverbz X Belle Bar "GREEN TEA" TEA RINSE
1.6oz  Curly Proverbz X Belle Bar "RHASSOUL" Hair Cleanser
1oz Surprise Belle Bar product  



A $306.00 Value 

3oz Curly Proverbz X Belle Bar "HENNA" Hair Gloss Mask
5 rinse Curly Proverbz X Belle Bar "GREEN TEA" TEA RINSE
3oz  Curly Proverbz X Belle Bar "RHASSOUL" Hair Cleanser
(2)  Small Surprise Belle Bar product  
All organic. All Pure.
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Farida also known as Curly Proverbz started her channel in the hopes of encouraging women to embrace their natural beauty at a time when curls and fros were not as celebrated. She wanted her viewers to know  #mycurlsdontneedacure. She has most recently expanded her content to include lifestyle, fashion lookbooks and makeup tutorials which have been very well received. This past year she also joined the team over at YouTube working as one of only two YouTube London ambassadors collaborating to organize events with brands such as Beautycon. 

Curly Proverbz is well known for her love of products that contain natural ingredients and after years of not retaining any hair length and never being able to grow her hair past her collarbone, she discovered henna and oils! She attributes her now tailbone length hair to utilizing these ingredients and of course, she ensured that her super ingredient favs were a part of her limited edition product collaboration with Belle Bar.

You can find her on Social Media platforms including Instagram, Twitter and of course Snapchat under the handle @CurlyProverbz where she would love to interact with you and have dialogs on hair, beauty and lifestyle.

We asked Farida a couple questions to get to know her a little better

1. Why did you pair up with Belle Bar?

Are you kidding it was a no-brainer. Belle Bar embraces a model that I wish more companies would embrace… If it’s not natural and good enough to eat, they don’t use it. You would be surprised how many company’s use such harmful ingredients that they don’t even wish to declare, so they call them ‘fragrance’ in the ingredients list. I am convinced that if we went natural with our approach to hair and beauty people would be so much healthier. When you are in that hot shower everything you apply is absorbed through your skin and scalp so it needs to be nourishing and not poisonous. My second reason is that their products WORK!


2.You’re now the beauty guru for so many people. Who are your personal beauty inspirations?

To be honest that is such a difficult question. I would say I don’t have just one in particular but the ladies that always inspire me are those that love the skin they are in and embrace their so called flaws and exude confidence, whether they are rocking full glam or naked skin and in doing so encourage others to do the same. This includes the likes of Cipriana Quann, Joyjah and cbquality. For me one beauty that was the epitome of inspo was the late RNB singer Aaliyah. She embraced her petite frame and was so confident, gracious and humble.

3. First beauty memory:

 My first beauty memory was playing in my mums heels as a child wearing her pearls and applying her lipstick to most of my face and not much of my lips… hee hee.

4. Your ultimate self-care tip?

Eat well and stay hydrated. It makes all the difference between you just getting by and being on point mentally and physically. It gives me clarity of mind and I can cope with almost anything when I am well fueled and hydrated. Your skin glows, your hair and nails thrive and you feel great!

5. What are your favorite all natural ingredients to use on your body and hair?

My favorite natural ingredients for my hair are henna, essential oils and avocado oils. Their properties are amazing and to be honest henna was the biggest game changer when it came to my hair and finally being able to retain length and go from collar bone length hair to tail bone length hair. My hair had been stuck at collar bone my entire life and in my twenties I was finally able to grow it out with the help of these three staples.

My Favorite ingredient to use on my body is definitely coconut oil. It’s amazing for everything from growing nails to removing make up, moisturizing skin and growing lashes.

6. Favorite quote or mantra you live by:

It has got to be ‘They go low we go high’… Pretty self-explanatory but there are so many people who will try to bring you down and be negative but you have to keep your head up and keep it classy.

7.  What is your dream travel experience?

Going back to Asia! I loved traveling in Thailand and India… I love to immerse myself in the culture and practices of the local people. I think it expands your mind your consciousness and love for diversity. It also helps you understand a different perspective from your own. Plus the food was UHMAZING!


Curly Proverbz X Belle Bar "#BEASTMODE" HAIR KIT

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