This hair oil was created by @CURLYPROVERBZ herself. In order to manufacture this product and bring it to all of her devoted fans, she trusted Belle Bar with her special recipe. Some of you have been recreating this recipe in your own homes for years and have had amazing results. We hope this oil is everything you had hoped it to be and more
Belle Bar Team
A Special Message From Farida Herself.....

During the life span of my channel, I have never had a product more highly requested as this product release. My subscribers old and new swear by the benefits of this hair oil. It has been reproduced by women worldwide in their homes and I have been inundated with messages from many women excitedly sharing their results. Many commented on increased thickness, the softness of hair and often a doubling of their hair growth rate. The combination of ingredients nourishes the follicles for optimal hair growth. Their only complaint was that it was time-consuming to produce at home and many wished to have it available for purchase.  As such I am delighted that this has been released as the first extension of our Ayurvedic collaboration. We hope that you enjoy using our most highly requested release as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

*Additional information

It must be noted that the potent properties of this oil in combination may in very rare instances trigger an allergic reaction. It is recommended that the first 10 days of use is in a small area of the scalp behind the ear or at the nape of the neck. 

*Regarding MSM

@CURLYPROVERBZ uses MSM with her hair oil in her original hair growth oil. That is her personal opinion and what works best for her. We do not endorse the use of MSM. MSM is not included in this hair oil as we do not carry synthetic products. We advise that anyone should consult a medical professional before taking or using dietary supplements. Please use MSM at your own risk.

Coconut Oil - great for shine and as a natural moisturizer for your hair 
Olive Oil -  rich in vitamin E that helps fight hair loss 
Vitamin C - improves hair growth/ fights dandruff / stops hair loss / makes hair thicker 
Henna - deeply conditions/ prevents thinning & hair loss / mends hair cuticles / adds shine & luster
Fenugreek - softens split ends / prevents and treats existing baldness / helps cure dry scalp
Castor Oil -  helps reduce split ends/controls hair breakage/ and conditions and moisturizes your hair
Tea Tree Oil -  improves the circulation of blood, which helps to flush out toxins and stimulate dormant hair follicles. The antiseptic, antifungal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties of tea tree oil ensure that your hair stays clean and healthy
Rosemary -  stimulates the hair follicles, thus enabling your hair to grow stronger and longer
Peppermint -  penetrates through your scalp surface and stimulates the follicles of hair. It promotes blood circulation thereby boosting hair growth. 
Apply oil to the scalp and massage for 1-5 minutes. The oil may be applied every other day and need not be rinsed out till your usual wash day unless hair feels weighed down.
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