BENEFIT: Healthy Hair, Shiny Hair, Restored Split Ends, Hydrated Hair, Repaired Hair 
BEST FOR HAIR TYPE: Damaged, Broken Hair

STAR INGREDIENT: Avocado Pulp & Avocado Pit

*Our hair masks are concentrated, super boost powders that turn your favorite conditioner into a powerful deep conditioner, or can be used as a premium base for your at-home DIY hair conditioner.

Restoring Hair Mask Base
Avocado Fruit Pulp- High Vitamin B & E/ Protects and Strengthen at Cellular Level/ Stimulates Hair Growth/ Prevent Hair Loss/ Revitalize Softens/ Shines
Avocado Seed- Contains Amino Acid which Heals and Nourishes Damaged Frizzy Hair/ Rids Split Ends, Brittle Hair/ Adds Shine/ Treats Dry Itchy Scalp
Olive Oil - Rich Moisturizing Properties/ Promote Healthier Hair/ Stronger and Shinier/ Conditions
Eggplant - Restore Hair Moisture, Softening Brittle Locks/ Replenishes Scalp
Shikakai - Adds Shine and Softness/ Promotes Stronger, Thicker Hair/ Prevents Dry Scalp/ Gently Detangles Hair/ Prevent Split Ends
Slippery Elm - Strengthens/ Promotes Healthy Hair Growth/ Bouncy, Voluminous and Shiny Hair/ Nourishes/ Adds Slip
Now Choose 3 More Ingredients To Go In Your Hair Mask
KStaff recommended ingredients are...
TSP ONION | Restores Lost Nutrients 
LEMON PEEL | Balance Scalp PH 
 CILANTRO |  Deep Cleans Scalp
TSP PINK HIMALAYAN SEA SALT | Promotes Circulation & Soaks Up Excess Moisture

First things first , avocado is a fruit, not a vegetable and actually belongs in the berry family. Loaded with potassium (nearly twice as much as bananas), and amino acids, this creamy power food is hard to beat. Need protein? Avocados contain about four grams, among the highest of all fruit.

Avocado Pulp - the  amino acids and proteins in avocado will penetrate your scalp and help to heal, nourish and improve the overall condition of your scalp and hair.  it will not only help fight split ends and add shine, but also will change your hair from frizzy to manageable. It instantly moisturizes hair by coating it with a protective layer that prevents hair from drying out. The nutrients in it also nurse damaged hair cells back to health

Avocado Seed -  However, Ancient tribes in Central America, where the avocado originates, also found uses for the seed of the avocado! They are chock full of antioxidants— more than most other fruits and vegetables—so don't just throw them away! The pits contain more than 70% of the antioxidants found in the entire fruit. It makes your hair more elastic and gives it a wonderful shine. 
To see in-depth hair damage explanations and hair health tips and tricks click here. The key areas you need to focus on for growing a full head of healthy hair are; hair strength, locking in moisture, restoring elasticity, mending split ends and detangling hair properly.
HOW TO USEMix 1 tsp. of Hair Mask with 1 tsp. with your favorite conditioner or avocado, pumpkin, coconut milk. Apply liberally to freshly washed hair, cover with a shower cap for at least an hour, and then rinse thoroughly with cool water. Wash once or twice with conditioner after, to make sure all ingredients are out of your hair. Style as usual. To see our full directions please click here.
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