BENEFIT: Moisturized Skin

BEST FOR SKIN TYPE: Dry, Tight, Flaky Skin


Goat milk is a treasure trove of vitamins such as B complex vitamins, Vitamin D and it is rich in probiotic lactic acid. Because of the nutrients, Goat milk moisturizes the skin, giving it a natural glow and improves elasticity. It is also used for exfoliating skin, brightening it and as well as making it soft.


Goat Milk - softens skin/ removes dead dry skin cells/ close ph to our skin/ restores balance 
Coconut Flour - Remove impurities and fatigue from the skin/ suitable for sensitive skin
Rice Bran Oil -  Deeply moisturizing/ increase cell regeneration
Coconut Oil - retain the moisture content of the skin/ restores dry and flaking skin/ softens skin/ protects skin from uv rays/ keeps skin healthy and smooth/ gives skin an even tone
Buttermilk - glowing skin/ removes dead dry skin/ brightening
Coconut Milk - deeply penetrate and restore moisture
Oatmeal -  soothing/ moisture/ exfoliating
Banana -  restore lost moisture/ gently hydrates
Honey -  soothing and hydrating/ draws moisture to skin/ regenerate new skin growth/ pore cleansing
There is nothing worse than dry, itchy, super tight skin. Dry skin can come from a multitude of reasons including harsh winter weather, low humidity, indoor heat, stripping skin of moisture from chemicals put on the skin, and lack of water.  Dry skin can be uncomfortable, create an unstable base for makeup, and also ages you. Put back moisture into your skin. The main keys are to exfoliate away dead skin, use ingredients that attract water from the air into the skin's surface, and seal moisture into the skin with an all natural oil
HOW TO USEMix 1 tsp. of Niagara Mask with 1 tsp. water, aloe vera juice, or honey. Apply to face, let dry for 20 minutes, and then rinse off. To minimize small imperfections, dab on the affected area, allow to fully dry, and rinse. To see our full directions please click here.
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