BENEFIT: Stronger, Thicker Hair
BEST FOR HAIR TYPE: Weak, Breaking, Thinning Hair
STAR INGREDIENTS: Onion, Garlic, Amla, Ashwagandha, Bhringraj, Mustard Oil, Jamaican Castor Oil, Avocado Oil

Onion juice helps improve hair growth by nourishing your hair follicles with its rich content of sulfur. Sulfur is essential for the regeneration of your hair follicles. Garlic has a high content of minerals like calcium, zinc, and sulfur, which are essential for hair growth. It is antimicrobial and helps kill germs and bacteria that can cause damage to the scalp and inhibit hair growth.

Onion | Promotes Hair Growth
Garlic | Boosts Hair Growth & Strengthens 
Shaikiki | Cleanses & Conditions
Horsetail | Stops Breakage
Aritha | Cleanses
Nettle | Strengthens 
Alfalfa Grass | Improves Circulation
Amla | Improves Scalp Health
Bhringraj | Strengthens Hair Shaft
Ashwagandha | Promotes Hair Regrowth
Avocado Oil | Moisturize
Mustard Oil | Stimulates Hair Growth
Jojoba Oil | Softens
Aloe Vera Oil | Boosts Scalp Health
Neem Oil | Heals
Jamaican Castor Oil | Thickens
Lavender Essential Oil | Antiseptic
Rosemary Essential Oil | Thickens


(Pre-pooing is apply a natural oil or conditioner to the hair, letting it sit and then shampooing and conditioning)

Section dry hair in 6. Apply 1-2 teaspoons of Pre-poo oil on scalp, (if you have split ends saturate with oil) with fingertips or comb your hair thoroughly to get the oil evenly distributed. Massage each section for 3 minutes using fingertips or massager. Cover hair with plastic cap. Leave on minimum  30 minutes. Shampoo. Hair Mask. Condition. Style as usual. 

How to use the pre-poo as a hot oil treatment.
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