BENEFIT: Encourages Healthy Scalp and Shiny Hair

*Our hair masks are concentrated, super boost powders that turn your favorite conditioner into a powerful deep conditioner, or can be used as a premium base for your at-home DIY hair conditioner.

 Salem was named as a homage to ALL the nasty women that were persecuted for the simple fact of being a woman.

Strawberries are very effective for keeping our hair properly moisturized for providing nourishment to them. The antioxidants present in strawberries protects the cell membranes of our scalp from forming a barrier against moisture.

Strawberry - Packed with Vitamin C, B5, B6/ Salicylic Acid/ prevent product build-up/ strengthens hair follicles/ contains Ellagic Acid (helps prevent alopecia)/  helps prevent fungal growth
Goji Berry- Contains 19 Amino Acids/ a good source of protein/ contains Vitamin B1, B2, B6 & Vitamin E/ strengthens hair
Rose - Nourishes scalp/ increases blood flow/ promotes hair growth to follicles
Cardamom - Improves the health of the scalp/ naturally shines hair/nourish scalp/ treats scalp infections/ strengthens root of hair
Marshmallow Root - Helps prevents breakage by detangling hair.
Sunflower OilContains Omega 6 fatty acid{Gamma Linolenic Acid-GLA} an essential for healthy hair
Juniper Berry - Detoxifying hair follicles/ / reduce dandruff/ astringent/ anti-fungal/ moisturinzing prevents scalp acne/ helps blood circulation in scalp/ increse oxygen and nutrients to hair follicles
Hawaiian Alaea Salt (Red) - Loosen and removes flakes/ stimulate scalp/ absorbs excess oil/ prevent fungal growth/ strengthen hair follicles/ slough off dead skin/ rejuvenating / heals and aids cell turnover
Ginger - Increase scalp circulation/ boost hair growth/ reduce hair loss/ makes hair soft and shiny
Witch HazelRids itchy scalp/ cleanser/ tames frizzy hair/ astringent
Cloves - Helps reduce hair fall/ boost circulation on scalp
HOW TO USEMix 1 tsp. of Strawberry Mask with 1 tsp. with your favorite conditioner or avocado, pumpkin, coconut milk.  Apply liberally to freshly washed hair, cover with a shower cap for at least an hour, and then rinse thoroughly with cool water. Wash once or twice with conditioner after, to make sure all ingredients are out of your hair. Style as usual. To see our full directions please click here.
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