So this one is one of our personal favorites. We love flawless, glowing supermodel skin.  For us the process is simple.

1.Don't use drying soaps on the face
2.Use a face mask weekly
3.Remove makeup at night time ( we try our best)
4.If you don't have time for a 20 minute face mask, use the mask to quickly exfoliate in the shower
5. Moisturize face, after cleansing, with pure oil (Try our restorative and healing face/hair oil EDEN , Its amazing for getting and keeping clear skin)
*While this regimen works for us, every skin is different. So you may have to play around a bit with your regimen to see what works for you. However we know every skin needs moisture, to be detoxed, and to not have their oils stripped or skin irritated by harsh chemicals.


Rice Flour - Brightens skin.
Sweet Almond Oil - Brightens skin.
Rosehip - Evens skin tone.
Turmeric - Lightens skin hyper-pigmentation.
Ground Almonds - Brightens skin.
Lemon PeelFades scars & age spots.
Tomato - Fades dark spots, UV damage.
Papaya OilRemoves skin discoloration
CarrotReduces scars & blemishes.
All Natural. 90% Organic.
See our  DIRECTIONS page for directions on how to use our products. For best results use our face mask at least twice a week.
We have a grace period of 30 days for returns or exchanges on all our products, even on products that have been opened and used. We want all of our clients to be able to truly experience our products and love them!
Approximately ...
3 masks in a .05 oz
6 masks in a 1 oz
12 masks in a 2 oz
24 masks in a 4 oz
  Use one teaspoon for each face mask
Due to the custom handmade nature of our products, all orders are processed between 5 -7 BUSINESS days, plus shipping timeWe will try to get your order to you as quickly as possible.  You will receive a tracking number for your order AFTER you're order has been processed and is ready to ship. Please visit our SHIPPING INFORMATION page for more information on shipping.


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