Meet our newest Small Batch Product, "Meadow". Meadow was originally part of our limited edition Mothers Day collection ( it was called the "BLUE CORNFLOWER TEA RINSE"), but after hearing great feedback on it and seeing how many of you purchased this tea rinse, we decided to give it a permanent home. We hope you continue to love it as much as we do! 
This tea rinse was created with the goal of strengthening the hair. This rinse promotes scalp health, new hair growth and strengthens hair follicles. This tea rinse is anti inflammatory and anti bacterial.


Blue Cornflower -  contains biotin/ hair problems like dandruff/  anti-fungal/ antibacterial/ anti-inflammatory
Hops flowers - anti inflammatory
Cinnamon bark - strengthens/ circulate blood on scalp/ cleanses/ hair growth
Rosemary Leaf - promotes thicker, shiny, stronger hair
Sage - supports new hair growth/ thicker/ strength/ shiny/ revitalize hair
Hemp - moisturizing/ rids hair loss/ stimulate growth/ scalp health
Olive leaf - supports hair health
Red clover flowers - promotes healthy hair/ strengthen hair follicles/ rid scalp infections/ leaves hair soft and silky/ help with anti-aging
Lavender flowers - stimulate hair growth/ soothes scalp/ increase and deepen hair follicles
Kava-kava - stop hair loss/ promotes hair growth/ soothes scalp
Yucca root - promotes healthy hair/ rids dandruff/ stimulates hair growth
Witch hazel - soothes itchy scalp/ relieve scalp condition/ reduce oil build up/ promotes shiny hair/ adds volume to hair
Fenugreek - promotes healthy hair growth/ strengthens hair from the root/ adds shine/ rids dandruff
Dead Sea Salt - deep cleanses scalp/ improve strength/ promotes hair growth
Lemongrass - strengthens hair follicles/ prevent hair loss
Yarrow - promotes hair growth
Marshmallow Root - slip/ remove tangles and knots/ conditions/ treat psoriasis/ soothes scalp
 All organic. All Pure.
See our DIRECTIONS page for directions on how to use our products. We recommend for best results to use our tea rinse weekly.
We have a grace period of 30 days for returns or exchanges on all our products, even on products that have been opened and used. We want all of our clients to be able to truly experience our products and love them!
Due to the custom handmade nature of our products, all orders are processed within 5 -7 BUSINESS days, plus shipping time. We will try to get your order to you as quickly as possible. 

"MEADOW" Super Strengthening Tea Rinse

$ 25.00

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